Issue #024, Review -

The Lab #024: Parts and Equipment Long-Term Reviews

Our global test team has been pushing products to the very limit on the world’s toughest trails. In The Lab, durability is rewarded and weaknesses have nowhere to hide. This time, we tested the Muc-OFF Anti-Fog spray, the Shimano AM9 shoes, the SOURCE Hipster hydration system, the SRAM XX1 Black drivetrain, and the Topeak Mini 18+ tool.

Muc-Off Anti-Fog spray review

Lab 24-8-2

How many times have you gone out with your riding glasses on and had to remove them as soon as you hit the first climb? Ever had your eyewear begin misting as soon as you started pedalling hard, especially in humid conditions or a cold damp climate? The same goes for goggles, either on DH trails or hitting up some slower more pedally enduro sections. As things get a bit sweaty, the goggles have to be removed and end up as extra baggage needing a place to stay in that already overloaded pack! Well, Muc-Off seem to have the answer with this new Anti-Fog spray, available in handy little 30 ml bottles. Not only does it put a protective anti-fog coating on the inside of the eyewear, but when applied to the outer surface it enables water to bead off if riders encounter wet weather. UK Editor Jim has been putting this product to the test with goggles and glasses, and has been very impressed with its results, only encountering fogging on literally the harshest and sweatiest of conditions. This spray definitely works and works well – a worthy addition to the arsenal for any self-respecting, eyewear-using rider.

Lab 24-9-2

Tester: Jim
Content: 30 ml
Duration: one month
Price: € 9,99
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