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Stevens Whaka  (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

“Open-minded and down-to-earth“ – this is how the Hamburg bike brand STEVENS describes
itself. You could also apply these two attributes to their newest creation, the Whaka Max – but
don’t forget to add the adjectives “reliable” and “high-end.” STEVENS bases the Whaka Max
around an aluminium frame whose wheel diameter varies depending on the frame size. Whilst
the 16” model uses 27.5” wheels, the other sizes have 29” hoops. The spec reflects everything
that is currently state of the art, and together with the comfortable ride position and good-
natured, predictable handling, the Whaka Max is perfect for physically demanding trails.

Stevens Whaka  (1 von 1)-3

Price: 4.999 € | Weight: 13.2 kg | Suspension Travel: 140/140 mm | Sizes: S-XL

More info: www.stevensbikes.com