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Reengineered E*thirteen TRS und LG1 tires for 2018

When E*thirteen released the first tires many riders were surprised and sceptical, but they have proven to be a serious contender for the established brands, offering great grip and puncture resistance. For 2018 E*thirteen have refined their tires and present the second generation of their TRS and LG1 rubbers.

The current E*thirteen TRS convinced us in our group test with good grip and puncture resistance, but their rolling resistance left some room for improvement. This is supposed to change 2018, as E*thirteen have redesigned their TRS tires. As in the past, the E*thirteen TRS is available in two versions, Race and Plus. The proven 2.35″ tread pattern with its distant tapered central-lugs and massive, strong shoulder lugs remains unchanged, but everything else is new.

Proven tread pattern, new casing and rubber compound – E*thirteen present their second tire generation

New Casing

The casing is completely new and now features an apex layer in the sidewall

The casing of the second generation TRS tires has been reinforced and now comes with an apex layer in the sidewall. The stiffer construction should allow the soft side knobs to conform better to uneven terrain, offering even more grip in corners and under braking as previously. Additionally, E*thirteen claims that the new setup reduces rolling resistance and improves puncture resistance, with the sidewall gaining almost 1 mm of additional rubber.

The reinforces sidewall should offer more support and allow the soft side knobs to generate even more grip.

The TRS Race tires offer an additional aramid layer in the sidewall to maximise air retention and protection against sidewall cuts and punctures. If that’s still not enough, there’s the even sturdier dual-ply LG1 with the same tread pattern for DH use.

Rubber Compound

The second big change of the new TRS tires is the rubber compound. The TRS Race tires feature a dual compound with super tacky side knobs, the TRS Plus use the base compound throughout the entire tread. The gap between the centre and side knobs has been reinforced too, to offer better protection against pinch flats. Both rubber compounds claim to offer excellent wear characteristics.

Both the single-ply TRS as well as the dual-ply LG1 tires are available in two versions, Race and Plus



TRS Race 27.5” 995 g
TRS Race 29” 1094 g
TRS Plus 27.5” 990 g
TRS Plus 29” 1033 g


LG1 Race 27.5” 1158 g
LG1 Race 29” 1257 g
LG1 Plus 27.5” 1119 g
LG1 Plus 29” 1162 g

We’ve got a pair of the new tires mounted already, stay tuned for our riding impressions.

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