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Race Report | Enduro Cup Lombardia Round 2 – Brembilla

The second stage of Enduro Cup Lombardia took place in Brembilla (BG) and greeted the riders with a clear sky and demanding trails which made up for a great race. Read the official race report below to find out who took the crown.

Technically demanding terrain awaited the competitors of the Enduro Cup in Brembilla.
Technically demanding terrain awaited the competitors of the Enduro Cup in Brembilla.

The second stage of Enduro Cup Lombardia in Brembilla (BG) started with a cold and clear sky, enough to forget the nasty weather of the previous days.
Everything was looking like a warm and sunny day perfect for a mtb race and for spending some time with friends.


Many riders took part in the event. All of them were grateful for the nice weather, but also a little bit worried about the 3 really tough special stages, made even worst by the mud that riders had to face cause of the rain of the days before.


Special stages with many rock gardens and steps were really slippery and made many riders to slip and to fall down, but all around the atmosphere was excited, and they’ve been applauded and incited by all the people that were waiting for them along the most technical and beautiful parts of each stage.


Obviously many supporters were there for the numerous riders coming from Bergamo and its province and at the end one of them won the race: he’s the young rider Marcello Pesenti, Airoh-Axo-Santa Cruz team. He was first in each stage, he surpassed even his coach and team mate – the hometown idol, Bruno Zanchi, who got second on the podium. Third place for Ugo Cattaneo, Rifar team-Giangi’s bike.


Bruna Benedusi is the winner in the women’s category, and in the young category Mirko Manazzale, from the Airoh-Axo-Santa Cruz team, that this Sunday has smashed the rivalry of other team, was the fastest.



The next stop of the Enduro Cup Lombardia will take place in Spiazzi di Gromo (BG) on June 21, where the winner of each category will be awarded with a regional champion jearsey!

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