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OUT NOW! ENDURO Issue #026 – The New Standard

Don’t panic: we’re not about to bang on about the next new standard that you’ve got to get to grips with. In fact, ‘standard’ is surely the most over-hyped word in the cycling world, but it’s still proudly the name of this issue. So what’s the deal?

Without people willing to push boundaries, think differently, and pursue innovations, we’d still be painting walls like cave-men, riding hardtails with V-brakes with a leather helmet on our heads. Every single ‘standard’ – or to put it better, great design for bikes – has to start somewhere. In our case, we can look back to 2012 and be stoked about how the magazine has developed. The subsequent popularity of the mag and great feedback that we receive from readers and the industry makes us as proud, as do our many imitators in recent years. These are testaments to how we successfully caught the general zeitgeist and were early adopters of the movement. There are no hard feelings for those who want emulate; of course, we’re stoked that we can be a source of inspiration, and it drives to continually push our standards and ourselves to new heights.

Being the ‘standard’ is far removed from being the industry average – it’s got to be something widely acknowledged, established, able to lay out a direction, and, above all, act as a reference point.

This is the aim of the Design & Innovation Award too, which has the ambition of driving communication, helping to orientate consumers and recognizes and honor the coming season’s most exciting and innovative products. This year is the fifth anniversary of the Awards, and it has already grounded itself within the industry, incorporating a think-tank for future trends and developments within cycling. The Award crew spent sixteen days in San Vigilio/Kronplatz in the Dolomites testing, analyzing, and awarding the most exciting innovations, key trends, and ultimate products of 2017 – all in the name of furthering the sport and aiding consumers. This issue contains the low-down on the Award winners, as well as insider info on the trends that’ll hit the industry in the coming years.

No riders go out without a helmet, but which ones is actually the most protective? Which is the most comfortable? We’ve pitted 10 models against each other in the lab and on the trails.

If there’s ever an exciting head-to-head then it’s got to be the ultimate standoff between the YT JEFFSY vs. Santa Cruz Hightower. At first glance they’re incredibly similar, but will this translate on the trails? See inside for the details.

While tug-of-war discussions about geometry or wheel sizes continue to lurk over our heads, we’ve got to remember how much fun it is to just ride. Bikes are way more than just a plaything for tech geeks – they’re our escape, our release, and basically an entry ticket to a good time. Right now, we’re in the midst of winter over here in Europe, and it’s admittedly a bit grim outside. However, there are ways around this, and this issue reveals how to make sure you keep riding despite a 9-5 job and desire to fulfill family commitments.

Anything but standard, the Pole EVOLINK 140 29 is a bike that’ll make you scratch your head. So long and slack that it screams downhill, surely there’s no chance for fun on flow trails? We put this glorious crossbreed on test to challenge its claims.

All this and more has been packed into our unparalleled app which is now available on Android too, where you can download this unique magazine for free. Standard, right?

As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive tablet or smartphone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!