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OneUp SWITCH – A quick-change direct mount chainring system

OneUp Components have proven in the past that they are able to offer some very unique solutions and during our factory visit we learnt a lot about this innovative company. Now OneUp introduces a completely new quick-change chainring system, that aims to solve the increasing complexity of chainring standards. More about SWITCH directly from OneUp Components.

Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and to make the process of changing a chainring much faster and simpler. Switch also makes it easier for local bike shops to cover the ever-growing number of chainring standards, without a huge investment in inventory.

Rings can be replaced in less than a minute with only a 4mm Allen key, without removing your crank. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns, unlock the ring by rotating it by 20 degrees and pull it over and off your crank. Reverse these steps to install your new ring. If you plan to ride a trail that you know is steeper than your local trails, you can switch to a smaller ring in the parking lot, in less time than it takes your friend to put on his riding shoes!

A Switch chainring is the same price as our existing direct mount chainrings, but the ring and carrier can be replaced individually at a fraction of the cost.

The system supports most major mounting standards, sizes and offsets in both round and oval (130 direct mount ring combinations)

  • 5 Direct Mount Standards (SRAM, Race Face, Cannondale, E13 and Hope)
  • 5 Ring Sizes (28-36T)
  • 2 Profiles (Round and Oval)
  • 3 Offsets (Regular, Boost and Super Boost)

EWS Proven

Every EWS World Champion in the last 3 years has pedalled his way to series victory on a OneUp narrow wide chainring.

EWS Champion Richie Rude uses a OneUp Chainring on his race bike.

One Tool

Many of the tools required to remove some cranks aren’t part of a basic home tool kit and are definitely not on your multitool. Cannondale, E13 and Hope cranksets all require proprietary tools to replace their chainrings. Swap a Switch chainring with just a 4mm Allen key.

Not Another Standard

The two-piece system is the most efficient way to handle the expanding number of chainring standards. It is not a new standard in itself. With quick-change rings and a cheaper replacement cost, Switch has some real benefits over a one-piece chainring. At the same price as our old design, what’s not to like?

Local Bike Shops

We’re offering discounted Switch Dealer kits in a custom storage case. Your shop can have a replacement direct mount chainring in stock for virtually any walk-in repair. No one wants to miss another ride while waiting for replacement parts email us for more info.


Switch Chainrings from $63
Replacement Rings from $40

Crank Standards

  • SRAM GXP (Regular / Boost / Super Boost)
  • SRAM BB30 (Short/Long Spindle)
  • Race Face Cinch (Regular / Boost / Super Boost)
  • Cannondale (Regular / Ai / FATCAAD)
  • E13 (Regular, Boost)
  • Hope (Regular, Boost)


  • Regular (49mm)
  • Boost (52mm)
  • Super Boost (56.5mm)

Available now from or your local bike shop.