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Mavic Trans Provence 2012 – Day 4: Viva la Baguette!


Wednesdayʼs ride through the Maritime Alps was a short one, relatively speaking. A touch under 30km long, 2354 metres of descending and a total accumulated baguette consumption of 135 metres.

Each day 120 baguettes are fresh baked and delivered to the campsite kitchen, opened up into hearty sandwiches and sliced for evening dipping. We have estimated that each rider eats at least a length of baguette each day. The loafage is just part of what keeps the Trans-Provence riders and staff going. Today there was also the 20 kilogram of beef, 10 litres of dark beer (donʼt judge, it was for the beef and beer stew) and two boxes of wine (the spirit needs fueling too).

The other form of sustenance today was the buffet of trails that we sampled. From wet and wild loamy Ubac to steep and technical Rochers De Bramus and even the lunar landscape of the infamous ʻGrey Earthʼ stage, the riding couldnʼt really be anymore varied than it has been. And this was just one day. With three more to come and Monte Carlo still feeling like a faraway land I feel like we may be distended from trail consumption by then.

Day four results | Over all results

Pictures: Michiel Rotgans