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KABBANI – new amazing video from Amir Kabbani and Lukas Tielke

Amir Kabbani and Lukas Tielke (Peoplegrapher) have worked together from time to time for the last ten years. The results – some really unique film projects including the In the Woods trilogy. Now, Lukas has released another exciting piece with Amir – this one is heartwarming and tells a special story.
After 15 years as a pro, Amir’s priorities are changing. This film gives special insight into his life to show the process of facing and embracing change. It’s not about regretting – it’s about honesty with oneself and growth.

Amir: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my story in such an artful way. This wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of many great people. THANK YOU ALL whether filming, cutting, refining; swinging the shovel or helping with permissions to get it all done. I appreciate your time and help.
Huge thanks to Lukas for all his efforts and for making the film what it is today. You all rule!”

Lukas: “I really feel the progression from previous projects Amir and I have created over the years. In the past, it was about better tricks, going higher – faster. We used to express ourselves by the craziness of the riding. This time it is something else. The new film is totally different, and I love it. Thank you all for going the long way with us.”