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Industry Bike Check: Sebastian Maag’s Specialized Stumpjumper

During a visit to Specialized’s German Headquarters in Holzkirchen, Marketing Manager Sebastian Maag showed us a very special bike: a Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail on steroids. More precisely one built up for maximum downhill fun. On first inspection the bike looks a bit strange, but if you believe the words of its owner the concept really works and regularly puts a big grin on his face.

Sebastian und der neueste Spross in seiner Sammlung: das Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail.
Sebastian and the newest sibling in his bike fleet: the Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail.

The spec is anything but normal and many will ask: why would a lightweight carbon hardtail need such heavy duty parts? But Sebastian has an enlightening answer:

“The bike has as much pragmatic as emotional reasons for me: because of my dislike (you could almost describe it as hate) of gyms I quite like riding even in the worst weather.” Winter is a time of rain, mud, snow, slippery roots and difficult to judge trails. Riding a hardtail at this time of year is a lot of fun for me as it trains my riding skills and balance on the bike as well as my ability to read lines. You can’t just blast over everything, you have to choose lines and concentrate on the trail surface. So I start the new season without having had a off-bike period. That helps against the winter fat.

The hardtail also reminds me of my first time mountain biking. Lots of memories, emotions and experiences from the past and that increases my motivation even more. That doesn’t mean I want to go back in time but those times were cool.
The result is a hardtail that is fitted with robust components and potent tyres, and one that isn’t afraid of hard terrain. “

The basis of the project is a Specialized Stumpjumper frame combined with a Rahmen in 120 mm RockShox SID-fork.

Als Basis des Projekts dient ein Specialized Stumpjumper Rahmen in Kombination mit einer 120 mm RockShox SID-Federgabel.
The basis of the project is a Specialized Stumpjumper frame combined with a 120 mm RockShox SID-fork. .
Zu Beginn sorgte die Specialized CG-R FACT Carbon-Sattelstütze für Komfort. Mittlerweile wurde sie aber durch eine Command Post XCP mit 35 mm Verstellbereich getauscht.
The Specialized CG-R FACT Carbon-seatpost was intended to add some comfort but has now been swapped for a Command Post XCP with 35 mm adjustment range.
Die 2x10 X0-Kurbel wurde für den 1x11 Antrieb umgebaut.
The 2×10 X0-cranks were swapped for a 1×11 drivetrain
Gangwechsel erledigt eine SRAM X01-Schaltung
Gear shifting is done with SRAM X01-gears
Bei den Laufrädern lautet das Motto: Keine Kompromisse und so setzt Sebastian auf leichte, stabile und steife Traverse SL-Läufräder
Wheels were chosen on the motto: no compromises; so Sebastian went for the light, strong and stiff Traverse SL-wheelset which is very solid – unfortunately very expensive too.
Dank Gripshift lassen sich auch große Gangsprünge "ratz fatz" bewältigen.
With a Gripshift you can make big gear ratio shifts rapidly
Kurzer Vorbau, breiter Lenker - eine gute Kombination, die nicht nur mehr Kontrolle sondern auch für ein direkteres Handling sorgt.
Short stem, wide bars – a good combination, which enables more control and direct handling.
Wie bei den Enduro Bikes vertraut Sebastian auch bei seinem Hardtail auf einen Purgatory Control 2,3"-Reifen am Heck und einen Butcher Control 2,3" in Front.
Just as on his enduro bike Sebastian fits the hardtail with a Purgatory Control 2.3″-tyre at the back and a Butcher Control 2.3″ up front.
Hart am Gas: Wer Sebastian kennt weiß was dieser Blick bedeutet.
Hard on the gas: if you know Sebastian you’ll know what this look means.

Since our visit the bike has been updated again. The RockShox SID-fork has been swapped for the RS-1-upside down model and the rigid seat post changed to the new Specialized Command Post XCP.

Sebastians Bike in der aktuellen Evolutionsstufe
The Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail in the current evolution

Specialized Team Rider Mitch Ropelato saw the bike and was thrilled after a short test ride. Since then, he has also joined the 29er hardtail club. complete with indestructible equipment.

What do you think about this type of bike – does it guarantee fun or is it simply pointless? Write a comment under the article and let us know.

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer