Issue #026 -

Hype This! 6 new Items of MTB Bling

Below you’ll find 6 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #026 to check out the original article.

100% Celium Gloves

At only one atom thick, Graphene is the world’s thinnest material. It’s also super strong and a sheet with the thickness of a piece of paper would hold an elephant balancing on a pencil. The new 100% Celium gloves are NOT made of graphene but they are certainly thin. With no closures or tabs, the single layer construction and Clarino palm provides just enough protection without sacrificing feel. They are the gloves for those who hate wearing gloves.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: € 32.90
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MAXXIS Minion DHF Skinwall

Some of the more mature ENDURO team riders are old enough to remember when skin walls were the only colour option for tires. MAXXIS are serving up a heavy dose of nostalgia with their new Minion DHF Skinwall tires. They won’t make you any faster than the standard version, but they will certainly give your bike a distinguished look. We wonder what’s next, perhaps we will see the return of beards and flat caps. Oh, hang on….

Weight: 880 g
Size: 27.5 x 2.30
Price: € 64.50

Industry Nine MatchStix Axle

Just when you thought every last useful space on a bike had been filled, innovators Industry Nine have raised the bar. They have managed to squeeze a chain tool, spoke wrench, 2 mm, 2.5 mm 4 mm and 6 mm hex bits and the obligatory T25 into the clever front axle. This means you can carry less on your body for unrestricted shredding, and you will never be without tools. However, at 190 euros you would not want to leave it on top of the car when you drive away from the trails.

Price: € 190

Dirtlej Dirtsuit Classic Edition

Sunshine and cold beer, Peanut butter and banana, somethings in life are just better together. Dirtleg have taken it one step further, joining waterproof shorts to a jacket for full body protection. Wave goodbye to mud inside your shorts, the onesie is dead, long live the onesie! With a 10,000 / 10,000 waterproof and breathability rating the Dirtsuit is perfect for smashing out wet laps in the bike park. With six generous vents to stop any ‘boil in the bag’ and fully taped seams this one-piece combo offers more protection than a bulletproof vest.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: € 184

Pit Viper Glasses

Do you want to be better looking at everything? So ironically cool they hurt, the Pit Viper Glasses hit you with a huge dose of 1990’s nostalgia. Blending military design, three position adjustment and names like the Peach Panther and the Merika, the Pit Viper website had us laughing for days. In a party filled with serous products, Pit Viper just downed 10 shots of absinthe before cranking the tunes to 11, dropping the mic and leaving. We’re not sure if these are simply a product or the beginning of a cult – but we are all in.

Price: $ 89.90

Specialized Airtool Blast

Tropical Cyclone Olivia set the fastest ever wind speed record at 408 kmh, but we bet even gusts like this could not seat the stubbornest of tubeless tires. The Specialized Airtool Blast is a simple high pressure cylinder which is charged up with your current floor pump. Once pressurized you can release the air in one powerful blast to seat even the most insubordinate tire instantly. At only €59.90, it’s great value if you already own a nice track pump. They say that Chuck Norris could inflate a tubeless tyre by simply blowing into the valve, for the rest of us there’s the Specialized Airtool Blast.

Price: € 59.90

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