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How to get even more performance from your suspension – RockShox MegNeg Upgrade for Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks

Despite the fact that you probably don’t shred quite as hard as Sam Hill, there’s nothing stopping you from tuning your suspension with the new RockShox MegNeg air chamber. The new air chamber is available as an upgrade for your Deluxe or Super Deluxe shock. Read on to find out if the upgrade makes sense for you and your bike.

Pros like Sam Hill already spent a lot of time on bigger negative air chambers – sucessfully!

Mega Negative – that’s what MegNeg stands for. With the €100 upgrade kit, you can increase the negative chamber volume of your RockShox Deluxe or Super Deluxe shock. This should improve its responsiveness. Additionally, the shock will give more support in the middle of its travel and the end progression will also increase. The highlight: The MegNeg negative chamber can be adjusted with volume spacers to fine-tune it to your preferences and your bike. Without spacers, the negative chamber is more than twice the size of the normal shock. With all spacers installed the negative chamber is still 1.5 times bigger than the standard air chamber.

For whom does the MegNeg upgrade make sense?

The MegNeg air chamber does not make sense on every bike, or specifically, not for every rider. Bikes with a linear suspension curve can benefit especially from the MegNeg, while the additional end-stroke progression can minimise the effective useable travel on progressive bikes. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the bike park will benefit from the increased mid-stroke support in berms and compressions.

The volume of the negative camber is fine tunable with Tokens

The new Rockshox Deluxe Ultimate Damper

In addition to the MegNeg air chamber and refinement of the existing shock, RockShox introduces the Deluxe Ultimate. In addition to new damper oil that comes in the Deluxe Ultimate, it also features a completely new damper design. The low-speed compression can be adjusted in three settings, which is nothing special, however, RockShox is working closely with bike manufacturers to find a suitable tune for each bike. When setting the shock to your personal preferences, you can choose “more” or “less” compression damping, or stick with the recommended base tune. This should simplify the setup significantly.

The new RockShox Deluxe Ultimate utilizes a new damping-system …
… with three positions. “More”, “less” or the recommended compression-damping

The DebonAir upgrade on the RockShox suspension forks already impressed us with its larger negative chamber and improved responsiveness. We are curious to see how the MegNeg air chamber boosts the performance of their shocks.

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