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Hottest Products From The 2017 CORE Bike Show – Day 2

There were so many goodies at this year’s CORE bike show, one day was simply not enough. We know you enjoyed yesterday’s collection of interesting products, so here’s another collection of items that caught our eye while sniffing round Whittlebury Hall.

Crank Brothers Iodine Wheelset

There’s a lot to like about the Crank Brothers Iodine aggressive trail wheelsets. The space-age looks hide some very sensible design features, such as the tubeless-ready-without-tape build, and the low rotational inertia permitted by the unique spoke design. However, at 23 mm internal width, the old wheelset was a bit too skinny for today’s fatter tyre fetish. Crank Brothers have noticed this and have brought the Iodine’s bang up to date, supersizing the latest Iodine wheels to a more girthy 28 mm for maximum contact patch goodness. The same 6061 aluminium construction keeps the weight low and the wheels are available in both Boost and Standard from £499.

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Crank Brothers

If you walk like John Wayne or suffer from the same issue as made famous by Rob Warner’s commentary of Danny Hart, you may be looking for pedals with a wider Q-factor (distance in between the pedals). The team at Crank Brothers have listened to feedback from the many riders who would choose to ride the Mallet E, but prefer the wider stance of the Mallet DH, and have now released a Mallet E with a longer 57 mm axle. For those who already have Mallet E’s and would like to go wider, then the axle will also be available as part of a full-service kit for £49.99 for the standard axle and £129.99 for the titanium version for those with deep pockets.

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Crank Brothers Klic Pump

One thing about Crank Brothers is unquestioned, they make great tools and pumps. After many years at trade shows it’s hard to get excited about a pump, but their new Klic caused the designer in me to jump around like a child at Christmas. The pump will be available in 3 versions, including a high pressure and high volume option, from £34.99 to £49.99. All feature a neat T-handle design for maximum pumpage, a ratchet cover to protect the valve and a neat hose fitted with a one-way valve and magical magnetic attachment to do away with awkward contortions trying to screw the pump to the valve. The top Klic HV model also features a hidden CO2 head, so you can use a cartridge to seat a tubeless tyre in the field, and a neat gauge in Bar and PSI. I liked the pump so much I literally stole one… Full review coming soon.

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Crank Brothers Highline Remote Grip

Crank Brothers had enough fresh product to fill this article, so I will make this the last one. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, and you have to admire this neat solution to finding more grip on their Highline Dropper post remote. Anyone who rides a lot in the mud and rain will tell you that when the weather is filthy and your gloves are covered in grime, finding grip on the dropper remote is about as easy as trying to stuff an angry cat into a sock. Crank Brothers supply ten of these neat grip tape cutouts on a sheet in lots of cool colours to match your bike, and they cost less than £10, the perfect gift to treat yourself.

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MAXXIS Drift Car

OK, so it’s totally unrelated to bikes, but this had to go in here. The only things I know about this car is that when they fired it up at the end of the day it sounds like a thunder cloud having a heated argument with an army of chainsaws, and it’s probably a little faster than my TDi. Unquestionably bad ass, it does lose some points though, it was defeated by a speed bump, you cannot fit a bike in the back and the driver laughed when I asked him if he could beat my record of 60 MPG. At today’s rubber prices, the car probably comes free with the tyres on the right.