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FOX 36 Float 27.5 160 FIT RC2

FOX 36 (1 von 1)

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FOX is back! The new 36 is the flagship of the cult American manufacturer and has its sights set on domination of the current suspension market. The feature-packed fork is impressive not only in its record-breaking weight, but also in its on-trail performance. The 36 provides a precise ride in the roughest terrain, while remaining plush and defined, absorbing the big hits with ease. Racers will love this monster! And let’s be honest: with the massive Kashima- coated stanchions and typical Fox looks, the new FOX 36 also looks awesome – even the fiddly wheel removal due to the weight-optimised thru axle can’t upset that

FOX 36 (1 von 1)-2

Price: € 1099 Euro / $ 1050 US | Weight: 1960 g

More info:www.ridefox.com