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First Ride: RockShox Reverb 1X Remote

Ever since the world copped a go with the RockShox Reverb it has been the benchmark dropper post of our time. It’s undergone multiple revisions but one thing has always remained the same: the remote lever. Or, at least, that was the case until today. With the new 1X remote, the Reverb hopes to cement its place at the pinnacle once more.

The stuff dreams are made of: meet the new RockShox Reverb 1X Remote. Upgrade kit for: € 105.

When the RockShox Reverb first dropped, its remote lever was above the brake lever – given the gear shifter on the left for your double chainring, there was just no more room available. But as the left gear shifter fell out of favour, the Reverb’s remote lever realigned itself, moving from the top right towards the bottom left, which made a massive impact on its ergonomics. The latest RockShox Reverb 1X Remote takes this a step further, and is due for release in the coming weeks with the RockShox Reverb Stealth (€ 445) or as an upgrade piece for € 105.

The new Reverb 1X Remote can be positioned in two spots, as can the gear shifter.

The RockShox Reverb 1X Remote in detail

The new RockShox Reverb 1X Remote keeps the same hydraulic functioning as its predecessor, and it’s compatible with all of the former RockShox Reverb models (except for the very first non-Stealth edition with the silver adjustment ring on the seat post). While it’s upped its game and now lets you adjust the adjustment speed with a T25 torx tool, it’s miraculously only added 21 g compared to the former Reverb. Once set up correctly, you’re unlikely to touch this screw again. Just like the SRAM gear shifter, this lever can also be mounted in two positions, which means it won’t exclude any small-handed people. The Bleeding Edge technology adapter – present on some new brakes – makes the task of bleeding the seatpost even easier. It’s also got an additional bit of protection for the cable to protect it in the event of crashing, which is an invaluable upgrade.

Adjust the speed with a T25 tool. To the left is the Bleeding Edge port to bleed the hydraulic seatpost.
Thanks to the Bleeding Edge adaptor you won’t spill any hydraulic fluid.
The protective end cap helps to prevent damage to the cable if you crash.

Is it worth upgrading your current Reverb?

We’ve been testing the new thumb shifter for a while. It got off to a good start as it was easy and quick to mount. Check out this guide we’ve pulled together to walk you through the process. As there’s a much bigger contact surface and a longer lever, this latest iteration is actually much easier to use. Of course, there’s nothing groundbreaking to this new design, but trust us – you won’t want to return to the old model after using the X1. The seatpost extends superbly with sensitivity, and the height can be meticulously set. In terms of manufacturing, there’s no room for complaint. While out riding, we noticed that we were using the dropper even more frequently than before with this lever, which saves your power and definitely works as a timesaving asset for racers. As a retrofitted upgrade at € 105, the RockShox Reverb 1X remote is pretty pricey, but we’re properly smitten with it.

With improved ergonomics you end up using the thumb lever more often, which saves power and time!

Our lasting thoughts

The new RockShox Reverb 1X remote has unlocked mega gains for the legendary seatpost. Its ergonomics are first-rate, it takes minimal exertion and it has raised its durability game. Once you’ve tried this latest lever, we guarantee you won’t go back to the former Reverb. It’s a pricey retro-fit we admit, but if you’re in the market for a new seatpost then the 1X Remote should be top of your list.

Check out handy guide on how to mount the 1X remote!

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