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ENDURA release new MT500 Helmet

While our bikes may have transformed beyond recognition, over the last 20 years Helmets have not really changed much, fundamentally moulded shells covering EPS foam. The latest Endura MT500 joins a number of helmets that are thinking differently, working with protection material specialists Koroyd. Large sections of EPS foam are replaced with Koroyd’s honeycomb impact absorbing technology, producing a striking helmet that boasts high protection claims.

Endura’s new MT500 Helmet mixes cool styling with the latest Koroyd material.

MT500 at a glance

  • €159.90
  • Integrated Koroyd for breathable protection
  • Clip on accessory Mount
  • Large vents with top ‘air intake’ zone
  • Fully goggle compatible visor
  • Front eyewear dock
  • One hand micro adjust system
  • Available in S/M, M/L and L/XL
  • Black, Navy and White options are available
  • 3 year half price crash replacement policy

What is Koroyd

Koroyd is a material formed of thousands of co-extruded engineered tubes, which absorb impacts in a more linear fashion than traditional foams, think car crumple zones. Endura’s latest MT500 Helmet has replaced much of the standard EPS foam with the Koroyd material, this is claimed to allow the helmet to reduce maximum g-forces in the event of an impact. We will be conducting a bigger and more thorough investigation into outdated helmet safety standards very soon, but the use of Koroyd has allowed Endura to state that it meets Koryod’s new voluntary Helmet Safety Initiative, reducing the risk of skull fracture from the European standards EN1078 scarily high 40% at 19.5 km/h to a much more acceptable less than 5% risk.

Koroyd is a material formed of thousands of co-extruded engineered tubes, which deform linearly to absorb energy like a car’s crumple zone.

Development of the new Endura MT500

To find out more about the development of the new MT500 helmet, we dropped into the Endura head office to meet the team. The partnership with Koroyd started back in 2015, where Endura were impressed with Helmet Safety Initiative Endura were looking for a fresher, new style for the MT500, and early sketches pushed an aggressive and striking design language. The MT500 borrows nothing from the rest of the Endura range, even the cradle represents a ground-up redesign, with a dial that is compact enough to be comfortable, but also able to be easily operated with gloved hands. After two years of designs, clay models, polycarbonate moulding and fit tests, the helmet was finally ready to be submitted for EU testing, and the team were satisfied when the helmet far exceeded the standards, inside Koroyds new 5% Helmet Safety Initiative.

From clay model to finished product, many stages and moulds have to be made before a product can be submitted for testing.
Design inspiration, before a design can be penned Endura had to decide what design language they would like to express. Many of the hard lines and aggressive shapes proposed have made it into the MT500.
From early sketches to the final design, this is the stage where the styling of the final product is set.

The New Endura MT500 Helmet

Under the stylish exterior of the MT500, the helmet packs some neat features. For those who like to go ‘full-enduro’, the visor is highly adjustable allowing goggles to be stowed underneath, and a goggle strap clip sits on the rear to keep straps in order. If you are more of a sunglasses fan, then a front eyewear dock allows you to stash your glasses safely. There’s a clip on accessory mount, allowing a GoPro or Exposure light to be clipped directly to the helmet. The internal padding has been revised to be faster wicking, and we like the neat adjuster than can easily be operated with gloved hands.

With sharp styling and a lightweight 343g weight, we expect the new Endura MT500 to be a popular helmet on the trails.
The MT500 has deep coverage at the rear, essential for a modern trail helmet.
The honeycomb structure of the Koroyd can be clearly seen inside the helmet, claiming to improve ventilation but more importantly deform more linearly than standard foam.
The distinctive air intake at the centre of the helmet certainly channels air, we would like to think it also boosts downforce in corners

First Impressions on the Endura MT500 Helmet

As always, the fit is the most factor when choosing a helmet, and we found the Endura to fit most of or test team well, offering a good range of adjustment. While it’s still a bit cool in Scotland to test the breathability of the MT500, it certainly looks airy when you hold it up to the light and the central air channel really pulls air down over the head. We are certainly big fans of the styling, the clean and aggressive angles add a nice dose of style and the compact shape sits well on the head. We will hammer some more miles into the helmet, and undoubtedly take a few knocks, so keep an eye on our Lab feature for a long term review.

For more information head to the Endura website