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Design & Innovation Award 2017 Winners – Category Equipment

We believe that you can’t judge a product simply by its look and feel, you have to try it out for yourself. At the Design & Innovation Award 2017 we spent 16 days in St. Vigil/Kronplatz, testing and analysing the best products, greatest innovations and most exciting trends of the upcoming season.

This was the year that old things got a revamp. Everything with which we were familiar got even better, and we’d even argue that some products have seen the addition of revolutionary details. Often it’s the smallest tweaks that make the greatest impact, with new materials, new technologies, and brand new approaches and perspectives to common problems that elevate decent products to new highs.

Some of the products awarded below are just so damn good at doing what they do that they simplify our lives as riders. Others are just so desirable to touch or boast innovative features that make our riding safer or more comfortable. Then there’s the rise in sustainable manufacturing practices, which gives us peace of mind when it comes to riding and the future of the environment.

The Equipment

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Design & Innovation Award 2017 – Special Issue