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Cool stuff at the CORE Bike Show

Attending CORE bike show has become a bit of a tradition for the British bike industry. 2019 was the biggest year yet for the trade only event, with over 900 guys in plaid shirts attending on the busiest day. Designed to showcase brands and ranges for UK retailers – rather than to release new products on the World – there was still some super fresh gear to play with.


Hope finally unveiled to the world, the long-awaited HB.130, their trail allrounder. 100% built at Hope HQ, the 29er features a carbon front and machined rear end with cool details like the 3-D printed cable guides, ability to run a metric shock and blatant disregard for any industry ‘standards’. Geometry is still ‘work in progress’ with, but final versions should hit the shelves in time for summer.

100% Surpass Level 2 pads

100% have entered the limb protection game with a full range of pads for both knees and elbows. The Surpass Level 2 pads are designed for enduro and DH use and feature, you’ve guessed it, level 2 protection. Pre-curved, vented and flexible for your pedalling pleasure, the full coverage design ticks all the boxes.

Renthal Limited Edition Fatbar Stealth

If you’ve ever lusted after Renthal’s popular Fatbar but just couldn’t live with their trademark gold graphics, then your prayers have been answered! The Fatbar and Fatbar 35 are now available, albeit in (apparently) limited quantities, in a high gloss stealthy black colour. Using an ultra-violent printing process that makes them nearly impossible to photograph, they do look pretty awesome.

MRP Hazzard Coil Shock and Progressive Spring

The Hazzard is MRP’s new enduro focused shock for riders wanting the feel and reliability of coil. Featuring adjustable rebound, preload and high and low-speed compression, it also has a handy low-speed compression switch to firm things up for winching up climbs or on long transfers. MRP’s progressive spring option has a spring rate that increases in the last third of its travel, giving more mid-stroke support and bottom out resistance to those who need it. If you’re desperate to fit a coil shock to your progressive, air-shock only frame, you should definitely check out the Hazzard.

Tioga Glide G3 and Edge 22 Tires

Tioga have been responsible for some of the most influential rubber in mountain biking; the Farmer John in the 80’s, the Psycho in the 90’s and the Factory DH took us into the ‘00’s. Since then, things have been quiet but with the Spring release of the Glide G3 and Edge 22, Tioga hope to get back in the game. The Glide G3 is pretty familiar and looks to have many features associated with some of our favourite tires but the front specific, Edge 22 tread pattern really stands out. The Edge 22 is designed to corner; the two active edges are designed to offer consistent grip as the bike transitions into corners, especially on flat corners with little support. Both tires suit hardpacked to loose conditions and will be available in 27.5 and 29 tubeless ready options.

Cannondale Habit

Aggressive geometry and shorter travel mean that the new Cannondale Habit can handle rowdy riding without sacrificing speed and has become the weapon of choice for the Cannondale Sessions crew. With 130 mm of rear travel rear, 29er wheels and a 66° head angle the Habit certainly has the numbers to be a great allrounder. This one was dialled for Max Nerurkar with Burgtec finishing kit, Santa Cruz wheels and the Fabric 50-01 ‘money can’t buy’ saddle.

Ragley Blue Pig

The Ragley Pig is ten years old and the latest version, the Blue Pig, has been force-fed steroids and has taken up racing enduro. The Blue Pig is the 27.5 version of the Big Wig 29er and has all the ingredients you’d expect for a hardcore hardtail: long and low with a 64° head angle and ovalised seat stays to give the frame some extra verticle compliance, this piggy is guaranteed to go wheeee, wheeee, wheeee, all the way home.

Tubolito Innertubes

Carrying tools and tubes is a necessary evil we all endure, so If you’ve been searching for the smallest and lightest tube possible, then Tubolito will change your life. The material is tougher than the butyl or latex used in normal tubes so the weight saving doesn’t mean that the Tubolito is flimsy. The standard 27.5 or 29er tube weighs 80 g, 120 g lighter than the tube we took out our riding pack and is about a third of the size. The minuscule S-Lite is 29er only and weighs a mere 45 g!

Cane Creek eeWings Titanium Cranks

It’s hard to justify spending a grand on a set of cranks but, for the Cane Creek eeWings crankset, we’d be willing to give it a try. Made entirely of titanium (with the exception of the preload ring), Absolute Black has now teamed up with Cane Creek to made a ti-anodised chainring to match, so these drool cabinet beauties will easily give you the steez you need to impress members of either sex, if not your bank manager.