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Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower unveiled

Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower

For the majority of riders, sharing trails is part of life. Indeed, we love seeing hikers, walkers, equestrians, and other cyclists sharing our love for the outdoors. But how we interact with other trail users reflects not only on us as individuals but on cyclists as a group.

That, says the company, is why Wolf Tooth Components are huge fans of the trail bell, which announce our approach in a friendly, non-confrontational way.

Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower

While almost any bell will do the trick, with its sweet, clear sound, and handsome design Spurcycle‘s US-made Bell stands out both on the trail and on the handlebar.

But getting the ringer close enough to the grip while clearing some brake lever clamps can be a little tricky. Enter the ReMote BellTower.

Put simply, the ReMote BellTower allows Spurcycle Bells to be mounted directly to special Wolf Tooth ReMote handlebar clamps. Close, clean, clear, and pleasing to the ear.

The BellTower is available now as a clamp upgrade kit, built into a ReMote or ReMote Light Action, or in limited quantities as a specially-priced ReMote BellTower kit with a Spurcycle Bell in black diamond-like carbon black.

Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower

Compatibility and Specs
  • Any Wolf Tooth ReMote, ReMote Light Action, or ReMote Sustain dropper lever
  • Any Spurcycle Bell
  • Standard 22.2mm mountain handlebars
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware
  • Type II anodized in black
  • Available as: Complete kit with black Spurcycle Bell; ReMote or ReMote LA for use with existing Spurcycle Bells; Clamp upgrade kit for existing ReMotes or ReMote Sustains and Bells
  • Designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Clamp Upgrade: $20
  • ReMote BellTower: $70
  • ReMote BellTower + Spurcycle Bell: $120

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Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower

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