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Watch Danny Hart and Rachel Atherton’s winning runs

This year’s World Championship Winners are Rachel Atherton and Danny Hart.

This year’s World Championship winners are Great Britain’s Rachel Atherton and Danny Hart.


If you want to truly appreciate how gnarly the Val di Sole track was, we suggest you start with the POV footage from Rachel Atherton’s race-winning run. GoPro never does justice to how steep or fast a trail is, so we can only imagine what this monster of a course looked like in real life.

We’d also like to congratulate Atherton on her perfect season. This year, she won every World Cup race AND the World Champs title, a feat no other rider, male or female, has ever accomplished. All hail the Queen.


Now that you’ve seen Rachel’s wild run, take a gander at Danny Hart’s run. It’s not as life changing as that one time when he defied physics, but Hart’s performance is still bat sh*t crazy. It’s just too bad Aaron Gwin suffered a mechanical on track because we would have loved to see him respond to the Red Car Rocket.

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