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Video: World Cup DH winning runs at Maribor


Tahnee Seagrave and Loic Bruni

Teams scrambled all weekend, stressing about the tricky Maribor course of Slovenia and the threat of rain on race day. But that monkey wrench did not make a play and the worlds best rode in ‘hero dirt’ conditions and ended up competing for milliseconds.

Bruni played it safe in practice but rode like an assassin on race day hitting all his lines with precision. He pumped terrain and was absolutely quiet on the bike, disguising his ballistic speed. He transitioned from one line to the next with ease and held his speed across the course’s lower off-camber section. It was a superb ride that was enough to knock Hart into second, and Bruni’s time of 2m 58.839s would stand unbeaten by the close of racing.

Elite Men

1st. Loic Bruni: 2:58.839
2nd. Danny Hart: +0.404
3rd. Troy Brosnan: +0.764
4th. Charlie Harrison: +0.928
5th. Matt Walker: +1.610


Elliot Jackson insights on options and line selection

When Tahnée Seagrave rolled out of the start gate, she took the bull by horns and grabbed the lead, lighting up the timing board with an advantage at every split time. Seagrave was stable on the bike, swift everywhere and flawless. It would take perfection to better her run, but even World Champion Rachel Atherton didn’t quite have enough to one-up her compatriot’s season-opening blitz.

Elite Women

1st. Tahnee Seagrave: 3:25.888
2nd. Rachel Atherton: +0.855
3rd. Tracey Hannah: +2.638
4th. Marine Cabirou: +3.542
5th. Monika Hrastnik: +4.325


Course preview

Junior Men:

1st. Thibaut Daprela: 3:05.557
2nd. Ethan Shandro: +3.041
3rd. Kye A’Hern: +4.266
4th. Lucas Cruz: +6.254
5th. Goncalo Bandeira: +8.289

Junior Women:

1st. Vali Holl: 3:35.775
2nd. Anna Newkirk: +9.943
3rd. Mille Johnset: +10.110
4th. Lauryne Chappaz: +34.350
5th. Ottilia Johansson Jones: +39.631

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