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Video: Who e-bikes are for


“When I’m disabled or eighty years old.” is a common sentiment among bikers about e-bike use. And that is definitely a good application of the e-bike as we firmly believe that the mountain bike extends one’s life by many years by improving health and giving one enthusiasm for life and the outdoors.

Paul The Punter from Squamish, BC though explores another vein of e-biking, allowing riders of different levels to ride together. Often, our riding buddies are limited to those who can ride at our pace. And more specifically, climb at our pace since time is at a premium.

Brig lives in Squamish. He’s a stellar descender but an average climber/walker.

He makes a case study of his buddy, Brig who “with no warning will just jump straight off his bike and start walking.”

What say you? Does this apply to you or any of your riding buddies? Friends or family?

Ride responsibly and ride on legal trails, especially on e-bikes!

Brig takes the first step into understanding the e-bike.

From Paul The Punter:
E-bikes, or pedal assist mountain bikes, are a hot topic right now with both sides having arguable points. But if you aren’t racing or being competitive on your MTB, then shouldn’t the focus be more fun? I took my roommate Brig out for his first ever ride on one to see if…maybe he can have a bit more fun?

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