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Video: Thomas Vanderham – Trail Bike Boss

Thomas Vanderham returns to the Nicola Valley in this trail bike masterclass. Don’t miss the crazy whip save at the end. Disaster may be averted!

Thanks to Ron, Brad, KBRA & The Kamloops Ranch for all the sick trails & Thomas for being such a legend!

Thomas Vanderham runs the OneUp Components 20mm Carbon Bar, 35mm EDC Stem, and Bashguide.

An icon of modern riding, many mimic and follow Thomas Vanderham’s riding style that has helped shape modern trail riding. He is very active on the ground and in the air, generating traction where there is little to be found. And few can duplicate his jumping prowess as he’s able to generate more boost and more whip on every lip.

For more info www.oneupcomponents.com

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