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Video: The Free Radicals explore New Zealand

The Free Radicals

The breathtaking mountains of New Zealand and “Black Mamba” in all its glory.

What happens when you throw out the idea of racing, buy a heavily used van in New Zealand, shove a bunch of bikes in it, and go for an extended road trip? Awesomeness, of course.

In this video, the Free Radicals describe themselves as, “Four relatively unstable guys who are just trying to ride some bikes.” They live in vans, work seasonal jobs, and eschew the comforts and constraints of traditional lives in order to ride bikes as much as humanly possible. Press play to see this nomadic crew let loose on New Zealand’s best trails.


The Free Radicals show that adventures don’t have to be deliberate affairs. They don’t need to involve remote destinations, premeditated objectives, or detailed plans. All you need is a willingness to explore, and then let the adventure take you where it will.

The Free Radicals

All these places sound great, but Dog Island is where I wanna be.

Last winter, four of the Free Radicals explored the South Island of New Zealand in a severely clapped out Ford (The Black Mamba) and ripped some of the coolest trails on earth.

The Free Radicals

The Free Radicals know that rippin trails and adventure is what life is all about.

After watching this we’re reminds that this adventure could have taken place anywhere, with any group of friends. All it takes is packing your mates in a van, or whatever vehicle you have access to, and go find some new trails to ride. Don’t worry, something will go wrong, but hey, that’s part of the adventure!

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The Free Radicals The Free Radicals The Free Radicals

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