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Video: Putting pins on shoes instead of the pedals


Flats have gained popularity over the past few years but there is that issue of getting shinned. That experience is defined by slipping your foot off the back pedal under load and the pedal catches your shin. If you slip off the front, the pedal catches your calf.

Now here’s where the variables come in to play. Some pedals have short, dull pins while some long, sharp pins. Some have many, spread over a wide platform to maximize contact and grip with your shoe. These metal pins provide grip but they also grand pain and injury. And even if the pedal had zero sharp pins, this still causes significant pain since the shin bone happens to transmit pain very well.

Pins on the shoe and rubber platform on a pedal. Maybe not unlike a golf shoe?

Putting pins on the shoe may seem ridiculous but folks full of wonder have actually asked me this query. We have our theories on why it would not work but it is entertaining to see someone go through the process of discovery. TheUselessTrials is an entertaining fellow and he’s got the riding skill and video editing prowess to do it.

The usual suspect shown here. We’ll spare you the battle wound photos of shins and calves that got too close.

In the end, it is a possibility but it will have some serious deficiencies for mountain biking. Specifically:
– It will be difficult to walk on a trail or parking lot
– Lose the ability to use any shoe, which is a distinct advantage of flat pedals.
– Will limit the foot positions on the pedal
– Pedal will get thicker.
– There are lightweight shin guards now to address this.

What do you think?

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