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Video: Jeff Lenosky signs with Reeb Cycles


A few weeks ago, Trail Boss, Jeff Lenosky announced that he was moving on from one of the longest athlete/sponsor relationships in the bike industry with Giant Bicycles. We’ve been waiting to find out who Jeff’s new partner is and we finally find out today.

We sat down with Jeff to gain some insight.

Who is your new bike sponsor/partner?

The new company is Reeb Cycles it’s a small brand based out of Colorado.

How did your relationship come about?

I’ve been working with Oskar Blues Brewery for the past few years as an ambassador and I’ve spent a bit of time working with Can’d Aid, a non-profit organization which has a big focus on getting kids on bikes. Reeb has a connection to both of these entities so I’ve known of the brand for a while and been around the crew at different events. When I got an email suggesting we talk about working together it sounded too good to be true. Reeb is as cool and as core as it gets, but they’re small so I never expected they’d have the resources to support me. It turns out they’re committed to growing the brand and they want to involve themselves more with Can’d Aid. With so many common objectives the whole deal made perfect sense in the big picture!

What exactly will you do with the company?

I’m part of a small team which is a huge change and super rewarding, I’m looking forward to spending the next chapter of my career growing something that I can actually be a part of. I’ll be an ambassador for the brand as well as helping out with marketing and PR. I’ve always provided my sponsors turnkey programs so it’s nice to be doing it with tighter collaboration. On the bike, my plans are to continue growing my Youtube and online audience and I’ll also be attending 10 of the larger MTB festivals around the country to ride with people and promote the brand.

East coast, west coast? Does it involve a lot of travel?

I’m hoping to travel more efficiently, the last few years have been a major grind and I spent way more time traveling than riding. I’ll be all over the county as usual but doing it with a more sensible schedule.

How do you see this evolving? How will the industry change over the next decade and how will you evolve with all the new video, social media, and modern tools?

I hoping I can help grow Reeb and increase my involvement with Can’d Aid which will, in turn, put more kids on bikes. I’ve dedicated my life to bikes and this next chapter gives me a place to hang my hat and be part of something. I’ll also have the opportunity through Youtube and Can’d Aid to help introduce cycling to more people. The industry will always continue to change, products will be easier than ever to buy and technology will become a commodity. Building a brand that stands for something and creates products that make people feel a part of something will always be good business.

Do you have any advice for any athletes trying to thrive in the industry after competition?

I think it’s all about being self motivated, creative and looking at the big picture. Brands want partner with riders who can bring visibility or credibility to them.

If you’re a racer, learn about your products, how things work and what’s involved in making them better, this can lead to a role in product development which will always be important. If you’re a con competitive athlete or ambassador think of ways to be different and how you can provide value to people consuming your content. Everyone is making videos and photoshoots nowadays. If you’re just posting hero content and not giving people value or a reason to continue to seek you out you can lose your audience fast.

The opportunities are endless now but with some much competition and content out there you really have to bring something unique to the table.

What does the next decade hold for you?

Bikes. Lots of bikes.


Jeff’s farewell video to previous bike partner, Giant Bicycle is here.

To learn more head to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEP-XJQ983V8_3XpKU_-pRQ.

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