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Video: How to ride slippery trails

How to Ride Slippery Trails

After a summer of riding dry hardpack, it’s time to refresh those winter riding skills. Unless you have the good fortune to live in Moab or Sedona, that means sloppy turns and greasy berms. Help improve your game with these techniques from the Global Mountain Bike Network.


Just in case you can’t watch videos at work, here’s a summary of the tips:

  1. Get a mud tire. An aggressive tread with big spacing will clear mud better and dig in more.
  2. Drop your air pressure. In the mud, speeds tend to be slower, so you run a lower risk of burping. As a result, you can reduce air pressure for improved traction.
  3. Be cautious. Don’t test your level of grip right away.
  4. Lean the bike over and keep your weight over the wheels, so if the bike slides around you have room to recover.
  5. Be smooth. Be easy on your brakes and pick your lines. This will help you maximize grip.
  6. Always use the berm. In the wet, the inside line tends to be more slippery.
  7. Body position is key. Drop your chest towards the bar to help load the front and improve grip

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