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Video: GT training camp in New Zealand

Training camp in an exotic destination is a pretty good perk.

GT has quickly emerged to be one of the premier teams in the circuit. They’ve done it with rapidly evolving bikes, a fun, energetic team and the broad, shoulders of 21-year old Martin Maes. This video gives an inside peek in their recent training camp in New Zealand. It’s a valuable bonding experience that highlights some of the best perks of becoming a pro mountain bike athlete.


It’s been a year since the GTFR gang spent some time together. With the 2019 season around the corner, the team headed to Wyn’s home of New Zealand to bond over beers, bikes and more before racing officially kicked off. Season 4, Episode 1 follows GTFR from New Plymouth to Rotorua, where they explore Wyn’s old stomping ground, check out the waves, and of course, race and ride bikes. George Brannigan is also back on the scene, and GTFR got to see what he could do on two wheels.

Martin Maes is a true force in the Enduro World Series

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Team members are followed by a crew to document their exploits in a series called Spoke Tales.

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