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Video: Downhill race through a crowded shopping mall

Check out this sick video featuring Austrian 4x/BMX racer Hannes Slavik as he races through a shopping center in the Czech Republic. The run is complete with several stair escalator steps, one big drop-in and a big jump right at the end. Apparently the event is called the Arkady Downmall held in Prague, Czech Republic and has been going on for a couple of years. This is the GoPro helmet cam from Hannes Slavik, who described his run, “Gopro Final Run: chain jumped during the final run, damaged my balls at the stem feeling a little bit down after a save ridden 6.place run in the semi final.”


Thanks to the guys from Leatt Protectives for the video.

DH Race in Mall - Hannes Slavik

For more information about Hannes Slavik, visit: slavikhannes.com

If that quick edit has your curiousity piqued, check out this highlight video that gives a better overall view of this unique event (video courtesy of Eastern Gravity):


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