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Video: Bernard Kerr – Pon de Replay, best of Queenstown, NZ


To see Bernard Kerr ride is to witness bike poetry in motion. It seems like he has one extra second in the air which he utilizes with his unique style of aerial magic. And then when he exits a corner, he can play with it like a bike Rembrandt of sorts. He can shoot out, cut, jib, jab, carve and do things that are not often taught in ‘How to corner’ tutorials.

Annual trip to Queenstown for some banger edits

Bernard Kerr is now a set-in-stone, annual migrator to the MTB paradise of Queenstown. After years of filming in the town as well as many others, these clips aren’t anything new, but we think this mash-up replay of some classics and new freshies still does it justice!

Bernard being Bernard

From Coronet Peak, Dream Track and of course the classic Skyline gondola Bernard shreds his new Phoenix 29er, Mach 5.5… and well, some roller blades… enjoy this fast-paced banger!

Gifted is an understatement

To witness Bernard drive the shuttle SUV though is almost as entertaining. Would you get in that vehicle to the top of the hill with him on the driver’s seat?

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