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Tools Series: Best of Bike Cleaning Tools

Bikes can get dirty when we race and ride – These are the best tools to clean them up.

Best of: Bike cleaning tools

When you go to clean your trusty steed after a long day on the trails, what do you reach for, the hose or the degreaser? Are you a “let’s powerwash the grease out of every bearing” type or are you a “water causes corrosion – get me the furniture polish” type? Well no matter what – you need the tools to help get that dirt and grime off your ride and get back to 100% as quickly as possible. There are endless options when it comes to bike washing gear and solvents – ones that work and ones that, well, smell nice. We’ve used tons of tools and products and have boiled them down to the best.

Best Brushes and Agitators

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes – perfect for getting into the small places on your bicycle. These brushes have stood the test of time or day in, and day out washing, we’ve personally tested each of the following a can unequivocally say – These are definitely the best for cleaning a bicycle.

Park Tool Brusheset

A classic in most shops and perfect for on the go – Park Tool brush kit has nearly everything you need to get your to bike clean and ready to rock. Park Tools GSC-1 GearClean™ Brush is excellent for getting into the rear mech and scrapping the trail debris from your cassette. The detail brush and bristle brush are useful for lathering and applying degreaser to the chain and rings. The Park Tool brush kit is no filler and all killer – with just the right amount of brushes to get things done and pack up quickly. Each kit comes with the following

  • 1 GSC-1 GearClean™ Brush
  • 1 Tapered Detail Brush
  • 1 Frame Cleaning Sponge/Bristle Brush
  • 1 Soft Bristle Soaping Brush

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Price: $22.00
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Finish line brusheset

Finish Line, known for their quality and attention to detail in every lube, brush, and grease they manufacture – their brushes are the same. The Finish Line kit comes equipped for every foreseeable bike washing need, even a pipe cleaner style brush to get into the nitty-gritty of your linkage and rear mech. Our personal favorite of the kit is the split brush; this tool works wonders for getting the much and gunk off your hubs without hurting your hands or discs. The set also comes with a 22 ball chain for easy hanging and storage when not in use. This kit comes with:

  • 1-Frame soft bristle brush
  • 1-Split hub and wheel brush
  • 1-Tamping brush
  • 1-Detail wire brush

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The Service Course -B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own bucket) Wash Kit.

The Service Course set out to offer brushes that would stand the test of powerwashes and degreaser wash after wash and still high five you after the race. The Service Course brushes are wood-handled, Tampico-bristled brushes, something that comes from the boating world and transfers seamlessly into cycling. Tampico is a plant fiber that holds more water and rinses cleaner than synthetics, so they don’t drag the grease and grit around as synthetics do. The Service Course BYOB includes:

  • Frame and wheel brush: Use it where you might otherwise use a sponge – frame, wheels, tires, bars. Revel in the fact that it won’t tear like a sponge whenever it hits a chainring tooth or cable end.
  • Conical brush: This semi-secret weapon of Euro mechanics provides fast, effective cleaning in tight areas, like under the fork crown, between the stays, behind the chainrings and brakes, and hubs.
  • Drivetrain brush: Spray some cleaner on your drivetrain, let it sit a bit, then go at it with this brush. Rinse, then step back and admire your glistening chainrings.
  • Microfiber towel. Use it for drying and polishing. It’s soft, ridiculously absorbent, and washable. This one’s big enough to dry your bike, small enough not to get unwieldy.
  • Mesh bag: Red, heavy mesh bag with a drawstring and cord lock fits all your brushes, your towel, and a few of whatever cleaning sundries you want to throw in, and lets the air flow through them.

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Price 42.00
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Muc Off Brushes

For those out there that love the Muc Off products – you’ll be happy to know their brushes are a great compliment to their cleaners. The UK dirt blasters supply come ready to clean with sintered bristle brushes that are easy on your frame and suspension but though on dirt. All brushes included come with rubberized impact zones for maximum protection (we all though brushes when cleaning) and nylon bristles for durability. Muc Off’s brushes are easy to use and do not hold grease or smear oil around the bike. The Claw brush and two pronged brush are our favorites in the kit – The Claw brush is easy to use as a cassette cleaner and gets the junk out of the pulley wheels with ease. The Two Prong Brush is ideal for reaching hard-to-shift dirt on spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, linkages, and pedals. The twin brush heads alter and re-position to reach super tight areas like hubs and shock mounts. The Muc Off brush kit contains:

  • Two Prong brush
  • Detailing brush
  • Soft Washing
  • Claw brush for cassette
  • Wheel and Component brushes
  • Storage bag
Bike Wash and Repair Stands

Washing your bike can be a million times easier if you have a stand that makes the process easier. Just think of how efficient you’ll be after a ride – pulling up to your wash station (at your garage assumably) pop your ride into the stand and start the cleanup. Easy right? These stands are the best for bike washing – both at your home service course and the car after the race.

Feedback Sprint Stand

Ever wonder why so many Tour de France and professional mechanics rely on dropout-style wash and work stands? It’s because they can adapt to virtually any bike quickly and easily, offer a rotating platform, and have excellent stability for precision work – at least that’s the case with the award-winning Sprint Repair Stand. The compact and portable design accommodates almost any frame, and it’s a stable platform, and durable construction is ready to take your bike maintenance to the next level. Perfect for races and riders that like to bring the shop with them – the Sprint stand weighs in at 12.6 pounds and adapts to nearly every QR and thru axle standard out there.

Included frame and fork adapters:

  • Quick-Release: 9×100/130/135mm
  • Thru Axle: 12x142mm and 15x100mm

Aftermarket available adapters:

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Price: $275.00
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Park Tool PCS-10

The PCS-1o has all the features of Park Tools popular PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand but with efficient upgrades to make set up, take down, and use faster and more comfortable. The PCS-10 is excellent for on the go racers and a dedicated washstand. The unique head design allows for comfortable working with odd shaped tubes and adjusting on the fly.

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Price: $188.00
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Park Tool Pro stand

The gold standard for all bike washing stand – the Park Tool Pro Stand updated for the modern mountain and road bike with a smoother, more solid rotation system over previous models – Originally designed for professional Pro Tour mechanics. The PRS-22.2 firmly holds any bike without clamping the frame or seat post by supporting the bottom bracket then locking either the front or rear dropouts. The Pro stand works with any style axle system, including quick release and all sizes of thru-axles without cumbersome adaptors. Ideal for cleaning and general repair work, the PRS-22.2 features a solid tripod base and folds compactly for storage or transport.

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Price: $340.00
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Topeak Prep Stand

This easy-to-use and straightforward workstand dose not require any mounting or clamping action – Set the seatpost between the holding bars and boom – ready to wash. This style of retention won’t or damage your bikes seat tube surface or seatpost. Great for a quick adjustment or to fully detail your ride. The Topeak Prep stand is super portable and light – making it a great race day companion. An optional tool tray holds tools and small parts close for easy access.

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Price: $150.00
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Extra credit for bike wash awesomeness
These are big and small tools that can make a world of difference when you’re cleaning and polishing your bike. We’d all love to have a pressure washer available after every run, but that’s not possible. Well – the next best thing is a portable washer, and something to clean up with that fits in the trunk of your car! Check out these must-haves for the cycling clean freak.

Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR Cordless Pressure Washer

A 5-gallon power washer that you can bring to the races and fill up – Heck you can charge to wash bikes with this kind of power. Easy to use and the 600- watt motor supplies ample blasting power for dirt and grim, plus you can wheel it from bike to bike – Ideal for the weekend cyclocross crowd.

The Sun Joe boasts:

  • Powerful 40V / 600-Watt motor generates up to 1160 PSI / .79 GPM, perfect for light duty cleaning power
  • Innovative, top-loading detachable 5.3 gallon bucket
  • Easy-glide wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • Exclusive Pressure Select technology: 507 PSI / 650 PSI / 800 PSI
  • 4 Quick-Connect spray tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) and soap spray attachment tackle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • Includes a 34-inch extension wand, 20-foot high pressure hose, garden hose adapter and needle clean-out tool

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Price: $300.00
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Worx 200V Portable washer with hose

The Worx 200V is a portable power washer wand that is simple and easy to use. Merely find a water source, or bring your bucket, insert the Worx hose to the bottom of the bucket and start washing. The Worx is very light weight and packs down to fit in most cars. If you find yourself looking to wash off after a ride and have water available, the Worx 200v portable is worth a good long look.

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Price: $120.00
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High Pressure wand and hose

Hydro Jet Pressure Power Washer Wand

Nothing can compare to the cost-effective power washer wand – at $19.00 it’s worth every penny. This Hydro Jet power washer wand has two tips: one for jet stream – great for blasting away dirt from the drive train and another fan action style – great for washing the bike after the scrubbing and degreasing. The water comes from the garden hose with normal pressure, and with the jet nozzle, the water flow becomes small but mighty, so the water flow becomes fast – like a jet stream!

Price: $19.00
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Gilmour 29-58090 Farm & Ranch Hose 5/8 Inch x 90 Feet

These hoses are built to tackle the tough tasks on farms and ranches, assured to resist kinking and abrasion. The best companion to the Hydro-Jet wand or on its own – a good hose is where you start with proper bike washing.

Price: $30.00
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