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Speedplay Syzr and Brass Knuckles pedals

Speedplay Syzr

The Syzr pedal implements a cleat interface that minimizes play.

Mtbr paid Richard Byrne a visit during the Sea Otter Classic to learn about the massive effort he put in to designing the Syzr pedal. To design a pedal with no cleat-to-pedal play, yet provide friction free float is quite a challenge in a mountain bike application where there is dirt, mud, and constant abuse.

The Syzr pedals deliver power more efficiently because of this lack of play between the rider and bike. Other MTB pedal systems waste energy with every pedal stroke by transferring rider power through the spongy rubber tread of the shoe sole. Most riders recognize that a stiffer mountain bike shoe is more efficient than a running shoe for example. But the same efficiencies can be gained by using the optimal pedal to shoe interface.

Claimed Weight and Price

Chrome-Moly pedal each; 338g per pair, $169
Stainless pedal each; 312g per pair, $199
Titanium pedal each; 275g per pair, $420


Meanwhile, the Brass Knuckles pedal is Speedplay’s attempt at a well-engineered flat pedal. They are 13.5mm thick for improved power transfer, and feature unique and proprietary, replaceable star-pattern studs for optimal traction. Like all Speedplay pedals, Brass Knuckles can be easily serviced with a convenient built-in grease-injector port.

Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are engineered to perform and last.

Key features
  • 12mm forged chrome-moly spindle for strength.
  • 13.5mm thickness
  • One needle bearing and two cartridge bearings per pedal, no plastic bushings
  • Double sealed for improved bearing protection
  • Proprietary, replaceable star-pattern studs for maximum sole traction
  • Built-in grease-injection port for easy maintenance
Claimed Weight and Price

Chrome-Moly: 395 grams, $160.
Chrome-Moly Polished: 395 grams, $175.

Speedplay Syzr Speedplay Syzr Brass Knuckles

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