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Rotor unveils new power meter and lightweight cranks

Rotor Bike Components

The Rotor product line continues to grow on both the road and MTB side.

While best known for their oval chainrings for mountain and road, Spain’s Rotor Bike Components has an ever-expanding product range that includes everything from a complete road drivetrain to some very sexy looking MTB cranks, which Mtbr is currently testing. At this year’s Sea Otter Classic, there were seven highlight products across the skinny and fat tire realm. Here’s a look at the new mountain bike goodies.

2INpower MTB
Rotor 2INpower MTB Power Meter

The 2INpower MTB power meter measures left and right side output and transfers the data via ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Rotor is a big believer in measuring power in all disciplines, which has led to the launch of their newly revised 2INpower MTB power meter, which features dual-sided power measurement with a claimed 1-1.5% degree of accuracy. Rotor says it records 200 data points per second, and the system includes computer and smartphone apps that allow for full spin scan pedal stroke analysis. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 250 hours of ride time per full charge, and the 7075 aluminum alloy crankset is available as direct mount or with an asymmetric 4-bolt spider with oval or round rings. It’s compatible with BB30, Pressfit 30, BSA, BB89 and BB92. Price is $1300. And if you’re okay with just single-sided measurement, Rotor also offers the INpower MTB, which sells for $799.

KAPIC Lightweight Cranks
Rotor KAPIC XC Cranks

Named after the Cape Epic stage race, the new lightweight KAPIC all mountain cranks weigh a claimed 536g.

Rotor also has a new race ready lightweight all-mountain crank that derives its name from the Cape Epic marathon cross-country stage race in South Africa. Claimed weight is a wispy 536 grams with protective bumpers, which come in 7 different colors. The KAPIC also shares direct mount rings with other Rotor offerings, including 2INpower, INpower, Hawk, and Raptor. Price is $390 with direct mount ring and black bumpers.

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