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RockShox Pike vs. Fox 34 – Similarities and differences

World Wide Cyclery

Jeff, owner of World Wide Cyclery, walks us through the main difference between the 2018 Fox 34 and RockShox Pike forks.

World Wide Cyclery, a popular bike shop and online retailer based in Newbury Park, CA, has been on a roll uploading quality videos comparing popular products with useful rider-based information and purchase guidance. They also include little nuggets of useful information on product warranty, defect or recall history and even brand ethos considerations which can be helpful when you are stuck in a “paralysis by analysis” situation.

Fork Compression

Lower travel forks tend to be easier to bottom out on your average trail so knowing how to dial in your fork for proper ramp up using air pressure, tokens/volume spacers and compression settings is very important for maximum performance and enjoyment.

Is this comparison video, Jeff walks us through the major differences between the updated 2018 Fox 34 Factory and RockShox Pike RCT3 forks. Spoiler alert, the difference in performance is not as great as it once was. Have you ridden both? If so what was your opinion and does it differ from Jeff’s? Let us know in the comments below.


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World Wide Cyclery Fork Compression

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