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Polygon DH with R3ACT-2Play suspension spy shots

Polygon DH Prototype R3ACT 2PLAY

Tracey Hannah rode this prototype Polygon to victory in the Garbanzo downhill race at Crankworx Whistler.

Whistler Bike Park is one of the best testing grounds in the world, except for one problem — cell phones. These days, everyone’s got one, including Mtbr. As we were walking through the Bike Park, we spied Tracy Hannah walking this unmarked prototype towards the lift line. And of course, we whipped out a phone and grabbed a few quick shots.

Hannah and her brother Mick ride for Polygon, so we’re going to jump to conclusions and assume this unmarked prototype is a Polygon. It’s a reasonable guess considering the brand recently debuted the 180mm travel Square One EX, which shares the same general outline.

Polygon DH Prototype R3ACT 2PLAY

The R3ACT 2PLAY system borrows familiar elements (think Maverick or Yeti) but packages it in a unique way.

The Square One is unique because it was the first bike to use the new R3ACT-2Play suspension system. It’s signature feature is a mono-stay swingarm that houses a hidden sliding element. Mtbr has had some time aboard production models using this suspension and came away impressed. The bike must have worked for Hannah, too, because shortly after this photo was taken, she won the Crankworx Garbanzo downhill race.

Neither the athletes nor anyone associated with Polygon would spill any details. But from comparing photos, it seems unlikely this prototype is merely a Square One with a different fork due to the shock placement. The current model has a top tube mounted shock. On the prototype, the upper shock mount has migrated to the downtube.

Did you spot something we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Polygon DH Prototype R3ACT 2PLAY Polygon DH Prototype R3ACT 2PLAY

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