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News: iON Cameras and Contour Announce Merger

iON - Contour merge

Two big POV brands joined forces recently as the ever competitive action sports cam market heats up. The announcement to merge was released a week ago and the announcement was broadcast to Contour and iON fans today. The intent is for both brands to continue to exist with Contour focusing on the higher-end of the market. New products are also expected as they branch out into home security solutions, dash cams, tactical and police cameras and even tiny, wearable “lifestyle” cameras.

iON is based out of Moorestown, NJ and Contour is based out of Provo, UT. iON Cameras CEO and Founder Giovanni Tomaselli will serve as the new company’s CEO. Contour’s current CEO James Harrison will assume the role of president. No word has been released yet on when or if offices will be combined.

iON Founder Tomaselli says, “Our goal is to offer the widest array of easy-to-use, connected cameras in the market, providing a product for every consumer, at every price point. We’ll now have resources to continue innovating in key categories while expanding our global presence.”

Contour CEO Harrison says, “Contour brings a tradition of innovation and cutting-edge technology to the unbeatable manufacturing capabilities of iON. Investment in innovation and IP differentiates us from our competitors. Now we will be able to bring great innovations to market much more quickly. The combination of iON and Contour creates a camera company ready for the future of video capture and live streaming.”

iON Air Pro 3 - Contour Roam 3

The official press release from Contour states that industry research firm IDC estimates that POV camera sales will exceed $2.9 billion by 2018. This is obviously a huge market that will just continue to grow into other “wearable” uses and categories. It is not unreasonable to think that someday soon, all law enforcement officers will be required to wear a video cam and what better cam for them to use than something that is small, light and durable? After all, these are the same features that make a good action sports cam.

Whether Contour fans will finally receive improved customer service remains to be seen, as does the new Contour cam that has been rumored for many months now. Combining Contour’s experience with iON’s broad reach and expertise in the ease-of-sharing makes a lot of sense and we with the best for both moving forward.

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