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New BikeYoke smart gadgets

BikeYoke Triggy

BikeYoke has a host of small gadgets that it’s rolled out at the end of the year. Here’s a rundown.

New Triggy Universal Remote

The current BikeYoke Triggy dropper post remote came in two versions to accommodate different cable mounting styles. But the new Triggy received an update to allow both, clamping the cable or housing the nipple.

BikeYoke Triggy

This makes Triggy compatible with basically every cable actuated dropper post available. Geometry and design remain untouched and still offer 12.5mm cable pull at a maximum throw of 49 degrees. Price is $61.

Triggy X

BikeYoke Triggy X

Triggy X is based on the design of Triggy, but introduces a slightly longer and length-adjustable paddle. The 6mm of adjustability allow fine tuning of the lever position, as well as tuning of leverage to adapt to different seatpost designs while at the same time reducing the required lever force.

BikeYoke Triggy X

Triggy X is bolted onto the handlebar via BikeYoke’s clever splits clamp, which snaps over the handlebar without having to remove grips or brake levers. However, Triggy X also fits any other clamp or adapter, which can mount a SRAM trigger shifter. Matchmakers from SRAM or Magura are popular to mate with Triggy with an existing brake in order to save an extra clamp for a cleaner cockpit.

BikeYoke Triggy X

BikeYoke also offers I-Spec adapters that allow mating with Shimano brake levers. Triggy X has a maximum lever throw and cable pull of 40 degrees and 11mm. Claimed weight is 25g, which is just 1g more than a regular Triggy. Price for Triggy X is $68.


BikeYoke Squeezy

You might assume that seatpost clamps are nothing to really think or worry about. However, dropper posts can react sensitively to squeeze, which is where Squeezy comes into play.

BikeYoke Squeezy

Usually, seatpost clamps have a collar that prevents the clamp from slipping down the seattube. Now, unlike other seat clamps, Squeezy has a collar-less design. Collars are basically just an installation aid, but in fact they stiffen up the clamp locally and hinder it from bending and distributing the clamping force evenly.

BikeYoke Squeezy

The BikeYoke Squeezy acts like a thin aluminum band that snuggles around the circumference of your seattube and smoothly secures your seatpost in place. The compact design of the Al-7075 T6 aluminum body and the Ti-6Al-4V Titanium bolt, which are placed as close to the seattube as possible, allow even distribution of loads. And as we´ve learned, dropper posts in particular can benefit greatly from this even load distribution.

BikeYoke Squeezy

Three machined “Slip-Stops” prevent Squeezy from sliding down the seattube during installation. Weight is just 7.9g for the 35mm version, and Squeezy comes in two sizes for the most common seatpost diameters. Price is $33.


BikeYoke Willy

Creaking is the worst and so it is very good advice to keep dirt outside of your frame. But that’s not always easy when riding in inclement weather. The BikeYoke Willy helps keep dirt and grime at bay, and looks better than the old DIY options. Willy will fit 30.9/31.6 seatposts and sells for $9.

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