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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit – Reviewed

2016 Intense Recluse Elite – A stunning looker but also one of the hardest to keep clean

Muc-Off offers a diverse line of cleaners, protectants and lubes for bicycle and motorcycles. Their product lineup is so vast that choosing the right product for your application could be a daunting task for the uninitiated. I’ve been into auto detailing since the mid-90s with a host of custom paint jobs on custom cars/trucks so you would think I’d be well-versed in detailing bikes but nope. I’m a cheap ass and when it came to bikes I usually keep my high-end automotive cleaners in their bin and grab the nearest rag and bottle of Simple Green. That is until Muc-Off sent us their Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit to test.

What is it

Muc-Off’s Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit consists of just about every cleaner and tool you will need to get your bike clean and keep it looking great. Like I said earlier, looking through their product lineup, one can easily get lost trying to decide what to buy. The Ultimate Cleaning Kit takes the guess work out of your purchase and includes all of the essentials. They also pack it away in a nifty little “toolbox” which makes keeping track of everything much easier.

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit MRSP $104.99

Included in kit

NanoTech Bike Cleaner Spray 1L
Bio Drivetrain Cleaner 500ml
Bike Protect Spray 500ml
Expanding Pink Sponge
Claw Brush
2-Prong Brush
Tire & Cassette Brush
Soft Washing Brush
Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Bio Wet Chain Lube

  • Takes the guesswork out of putting together a solid cleaning kit
  • Works extremely well
  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner Spray is concentrated so a little goes a long way
  • Makes cleaning your bike easier
  • Smells amazing
  • Cleaning bikes can be fun with a dialed solution
  • Price of $104.99 is more than what some are willing to spend initially
  • May include items you don’t really need or want

Rating: 5 out of 5
Price: $104.99

Evil Wreckoning is a great bike but cleaning that matte finish and all those hidden surfaces is a daunting proposition.

Mtbr’s Take

Being the spouse of a certified MTB Instructor and enduro racer, I have more than enough bikes lying about in various stages of dirty and disrepair. I keep my own bike pretty clean but only clean Jeni’s before a race. As such the amount of gunk that builds up on her bikes is pretty astounding. Even with liberal amounts of Simple Green and a tough-bristled toothbrush, it’s a lot of work removing the grime, especially on the derailleur pulley wheels. Muc-Off solves this problem by including their Claw Brush with the kit. The Claw Brush is pretty awesome. It’s designed for cleaning cassettes, chains, sprockets, and derailleurs. The stiff nylon bristles are tough enough to clear away embedded mud and grease without breaking off.

The tip of the Claw Brush is used clean stubborn grime off the pulley wheels on the derailleur.

The Process

Muc-Off includes a “How to Clean Your Bike” foldout which is nice if you’ve never used their products before. Here’s my adaptation to the process. These are the steps I took to clean up Jeni’s coaching and race bikes.

Step 1. Use the Claw Brush to remove built-up grime from your derailleur wheels, cassette, chain, and chainring then apply Bio Drivetrain Cleaner to them and the other greasy bits of your bike.

Apply Bio Drivetrain Cleaner to the greasy grimy bits on your bike (derailleurs, cassette, jockey wheels, chainring, chain etc.).

Don’t forget to apply the cleaner to both sides of your chain ring. Grime left on the back of the chain ring will re-contaminate your chain.

Step 2. Use a combination of the Claw Brush and Tire/Cassette Brush to scour away the built-up grime. Then give the bike a good rinse.

Step 3. Spray the rest of the bike with the Nano Tech Bike Cleaner spray. A little bit goes a long way so you don’t need to overdo it. Use the Expanding Pink Sponge and/or the Soft Washing Brush to clean the bike as you normally would. I found the Sponge to be extremely useful for cleaning hard to reach places like the “cave” created by the DELTA link suspension on Evil bikes. It also works well for cleaning hubs. It does not work well for cleaning spokes, however. Rubbing the Sponge over the spokes will tear chunks of the Sponge so use the Soft Wash Brush or 2-Sided Brush instead. The included Tire & Cassette Brush is very stiff and works very well on tires. It will remove dried up sealant from your sidewalls and any stubborn mud between tread knobs.

The 2-Prong Brush can be used just about anywhere but I found it useful for cleaning up around spoke mounts on the hub.

The Sponge also works well for cleaning hubs.

The Sponge works perfectly for tight areas that are difficult to reach with a rag.

Apply the Nano Tech Spray and let it sit for a minute or two before wiping down with the Sponge or Soft Brush

Step 4. – Rise and dry the bike. I use an air compressor with an air nozzle to gently remove water and help dry the chain faster.

Step 5. – *Caution* Apply Bike Protect Spray but be very careful around brake surfaces. I highly recommend removing the wheels and putting clean microfiber towels or something similar over your brakes to reduce the risk of getting Protectant on them. To help reduce the risk of contamination I apply the Protectant to a clean microfiber towel and then apply the towel to the bike. Some hard to reach areas are easier to simply spray but be mindful of overspray getting on your brakes or saddle. This stuff is SLICK! If you do accidentally get protectant on your brakes or saddle you can try removing residue with rubbing alcohol, replace the brake pads, or take it to your local bike shop and play dumb when they ask you how it happened.

Step 6. – Lube your chain and any pivot points that may require maintenance.

Lube that chain yo! I use compressed air to help dry the chain quickly so I can apply lube before my ADHD kicks in and I wander off to some other unfinished task in the garage.

Step 7. – Pop open your favorite beverage, admire your handiwork, sing a few verses of “So Fresh, So Clean” then take some quality photos and post that “ish” up on Instagram like a Boss!

This kit earns the coveted 5 out of 5 star rating. Yes, $105 is more than what you wanted to spend on a cleaning kit but just like proper bike tools making working on bikes easier, this dialed cleaning kit will make you a bike cleaning ninja.

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