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MRP unveils dual-crown fork and coil shock


The lightweight dual-crown Bartlett has all the suspension tweaks of MRP’s single-crown forks.

MRP‘s initials don’t stand for “more rapid production,” but they might as well. The fast-growing Grand Junction, Colorado-based suspension specialists are showing off a new Bartlett double-crown fork and Hazzard coil shock at Sea Otter.

Taking its name from the legendary Moab destination, the Bartlett comes with 170mm to 190mm travel for 27.5 and 29er bikes. Weight is a respectable 5.5-5.7 pounds.

Borrowing from its award-winning Ribbon single-crown cousin, the Bartlett features a highly tunable FulFill air spring, low-pressure IFP damper, and PSST pressure-relief valves as well as the distinctive reverse Outcast arch.

Also present are MRP’s Ramp Control, positive and negative spring pressure, and internal travel adjustments in 5mm increments. MRP says the fork is aimed at downhill and also trail and enduro riders who want a burlier option for the bike park or DH, as the fork’s boost spacing permits easy swapping.


The “Progressive” version of the Hazzard shock is designed to swap with many air shocks.

The Hazzard (named after a popular section of Moab’s Whole Enchilada trail) is a one-size-fits-all offering which in one iteration can replace air counterparts. It comes in standard and metric sizing (with traditional eyelet, bearing and trunnion mounts). Three spring options are available: standard steel, lightweight steel (Enduro SL), and progressive (designed to swap with air shocks).

There’s a low-compression switch for long climbs and stage transfers. Other adjustment features include high-speed compression, spring preload, and rebound.

Simplifying setup and selection, MRP settled on a single spring length. Sizing includes 200×51 and 57, 215×63 and 222×70 for standard; 210×50, 210×55, 230×60 and 65 for metric; and 205×57.5, 60 and 65 for metric trunnion.

Like any coil shock, there’s a weight penalty. The Hazzard body clocks in at 500 grams.

Hazzard pricing is $649 for the shock body and $40 for standard steel, $130 for lightweight steel and $150 for Progressive steel springs respectively.

MRP gained raves for the seemingly infinite adjustability of its Ribbon fork, available in air and coil versions. That design philosophy also is present in multiple lightweight axles and a short-travel fork for the gravel grinder crowd, all on display at the MRP booth.

“Riders show us over and over that they want choice in equipment and tunability,” said Noah Sears, MRP brand manager. “Our philosophy is to accommodate them as much as possible.”

Availability for the Bartlett and Hazzard is scheduled for late May. Ten decal colors are offered.

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