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Matchmaker: Rotor shows SRAM Eagle compatible Q-Ring

To make a statement about its Q-Ring compatibility with components from other brands, Rotor Bike Components has rolled out the first video in a series on compatibility with its QX1 chainrings for mountain bikes. Have a look. It’s kinda cute.


Proprietary bolt circle diameters, chainline, splines, offsets, tooth widths, etc. could all foil Rotor, but its engineers seize challenges to chainring compatibility with an objective to design and craft a chainring for all systems.

“One of the key things to consider when determining QX1 compatibility is how cranks and cassette affect chainline,” explained José Antonio Blasco, product engineer at Rotor. “If the chainring teeth are inclined inward toward the frame or outward away from the frame, then shifting can be compromised.”

Rotor says it applauds SRAM for its Eagle drivetrain released earlier this year, and wanted to enhance the product even more by giving users the option to go oval with QX1 rings. But not before guaranteeing compatibility. QX1 oval chainrings feature 12.5% ovality with a BCD 76 and are available in the following sizes: 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36t

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