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Mammoth Bike Park Opening Delayed

Epic Snowfall

Typically, Mammoth Bike Park opens around Memorial Day ( May 27, this year) but this year is anything but typical. Mammoth’s seasonal snowfall total to date measures a whopping 474 inches. And the mountain still boasts impressive bases — 85 inches at Main Lodge, 120 inches at McCoy Station, and 150 inches on the summit, in Mid-may before these recent storms..

With summer just a little over a month off, 70 runs and eight lifts remain open at Mammoth.

This recent round of storms throws another monkey-wrench in the biking equation with nearly 2 feet of snow expected to fall before things clear up after the weekend. That’s on top of near-record snowfall totals this winter and colder than normal spring, reducing snowmelt.

The Mammoth trail crew has their work cut out and there is no way a Memorial Day weekend Bike Park opening will happen. The trail crew is working hard to clear the trails and watching how much snow actually falls in this series of storms.

Lower Rock Creek in Mammoth is riding great as Shady Rest. So, plenty of places to turn pedals in the area, just not in the park (yet). Their website will announce the opening date as soon as it’s available.

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Not just Mammoth

The real scale of these developments goes beyond Mammoth Bike Park. Every resort and destination along the Sierra Nevada Mountains is going to experience a late start to the mountain biking season.

The entire Tahoe area including Northstar Resort, Downieville, Kernville, to name a few are covered in snow with many more weeks before the shuttles and ski lifts can drop off eager mountain bikers at the top of the trails.

Bike vacations, biking trips, races are all at risk and individuals and companies all have to rethink and reschedule their events.

What about you? Are you affected in California? Are you affected in a different state?

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