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Magura Interbike 2016

Raceline MT8 brakes, RMT Trail brakes, plus a host of products so new Magura can’t say too much about them just yet.

Video: Magura Raceline MT8 Brakes, RMT Trail brakes, Boltron Fork and Vyron Seatpost


Jude Monica, Magura technical service manager, walks us through the company’s newest product offerings.

Magura Interbike 2016 Booth

Magura delivers some serious stopping power at Interbike 2016, plus a pair of product sneak peeks that are so new they can’t tell us much about them just yet.

First up is the 299-gram Raceline MT8 brake, the perfect stopping solution for riders looking to shave weight but not compromise performance. On the more heavy duty side are the RMT Trail brakes, which weigh 355 grams and utilize a robust 6-piston design, four up front, two in the back. The idea if that a rider needs more power to maintain traction on the front wheel, but less for finer modulation and ride feel on the rear wheel. This adds up to fade-free control and superb power when you need it.

On the sneak peek front comes the Boltron Fork, a new inverted fork that features a 20mm axle, and is intended to withstand the higher weights and speeds of eBikes. Magura has also tweaked its Vyron wireless dropper, which uses ANT+ technology and a one touch button remote.

Gallery: Magura Vyron eLECT Seatpost, MT8 Carbon Raceline and MT Trail Carbon Brakes, Boltron Fork and More

Magura Interbike 2016 Gallery

Magura Vyron eLECT Seatpost

The first dropper post with wireless remote. Ride with 100% efficiency at the touch of a button. $499

Magura MT Trail Carbon Brake

With less weight at the back and modified trail performance, this brake has been optimized for trail use. Weighing in at 332 grams the MT Trail Carbon is 15% lighter than the MT7 and just a shade heavier than the MT8, but still provides superb performance. Features include Carbotecture SL brake lever housing, carbon handlebar clamp, ergonomic shaping, 2-finger brake lever, and carbolay forged 4-piston brake caliper with banjo magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement. Designed and engineered in Germany. $599

Magura MT8 Carbon Raceline Brake

The first choice for cross country racers, the super light MT8 features a Carbolay lever and high braking force.

Magura Boltron Fork

This inverted fork has 40mm outer tubes and 20mm thru axles, delivering the necessary rigidity for full suspension e-bikes.

Magura HC Lever

Single-finger brake lever.

Magura Interbike 2016 Booth

Magura in one of the world leaders in MTB brakes and high end components.

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