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Just In: Project 321 Lefty Supermax kits and wheelsets

Our test bike is equipped with a lefty.

Our test bike is equipped with a lefty. (click to enlarge)

The Lefty Supermax fork is touted as one of the best All Mountain forks in existence today. But many of us have bikes other than a Cannondale so the incompatible mounting interface of the Lefty fork has made it impossible to try this fork on our bikes.

Enter Jake Liles of Project 321. Currently based in Fresno, CA, he has used his machining prowess to manufacture conversion kits for the Lefty fork or even the Cannondale Hollowgram crank. He provides sound engineering solutions to fit these components into your existing bike. These adaptor kits are well-designed and finely crafted to provide years of trouble-free performance.

In addition, to adaptor kits, he also manufactures other components. Read on and see some his toys.

Lefty and Enve Lefty on Ripley

Lefty with Enve wheel and Project 321 hubs and a close-up of the Lefty. (click to enlarge)

Project 321 Lefty Supermax adapter
  • For use on tapered headsets only
  • Made by Project 321
  • Allows use of a SuperMax Lefty on frames with tapered head tubes (1.125″x 1.5″)
  • Weight 217.5 grams before cutting the steerer tube (weight will vary drastically due the varying clamp spacing of the Lefty)
  • Total length from the bottom of the lower collar to the top of the steerer tube is 11 3/4 inches
  • Spacers may be needed to complete your specific build. These should be available at your local bike shop
  • Stem Cap Kit and Lefty Hub Cap with Titanium Bolt to add some bling to your build
  • $95.00

Note: Tapered Adapter is not actually tapered. A true tapered steerer was not an option due to dimensional restraints from the Lefty lower crown. No problem though, we came up with a nice little solution that works perfectly with a tapered headset. And since the Lefty is really a double crown strut there is no real advantage to a tapered steerer anyway.

Lefty adapter for the Supermax.

Lefty adapter for the Supermax. (click to enlarge)

Carbon Lefty Supermax 160mm
  • Also available in a 140mm
  • $1520.00 sold by Project321
The Lefty Supermax fork has very few naysayers among riders who've actually tried it.

The Lefty Supermax fork has very few naysayers among riders who’ve actually tried it.

Why ride a Lefty?

Perhaps the most distinctive and divisive fork in the market is the single-sided Lefty suspension fork. The latest version dubbed features an inverted 36mm stanchion sliding within a 46mm outer leg the has proven to to be incredibly strong and laterally stiff.

The four-pound, 140mm or 160mm travel fork glides on a set of needle bearings for a smooth, stiction-free action even under high braking and cornering loads. The fork features the Pop Loc soft lockout is mounted on the top of the leg as it was on prior models. Despite looking like half a fork, the Lefty Supermax is one the most accurate steering forks in the market today.

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