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Jenson USA Continues to Roll out Big Discounts on Bikes, Parts, Tires, and Gear

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We’ve seen deep discounting on Jenson USA in the past, but it’s a nice surprise to see that their sales and promotions aren’t limited to things like Black Friday and the holiday rush. We just took a pass through their site, and much like the last time we covered them, the discounts are massive. We’re talking 160 pages worth of sales and savings here, and depending on the category the discounts trump anything we’ve seen in a while anywhere else.

Starting with the big guns, select complete mountain bikes from KONA, Banshee, Diamondback, and others are marked down between 30% and 55% off. These range from the premium spec exclusive build Banshee Spitfire X0 Eagle Jenson, marked down from $6,323.95 to $3,199.99, down to more approachable bikes like the KONA Big Kahuna, whose 41% discount knocks its pricing down just below $1,000.

In the parts and apparel category you’re looking at a real mixed bag. Riding shirts and shorts seem to be available for as much as 75% off, with most sizes being listed. Don’t bother hunting too hard for shoes, on the other hand, as the highly discounted offerings seem to be the last size of each style (often tiny or giant). Meanwhile if fresh rubber is on your radar, select tires from Continental and Kenda (among others) are also heavily marked down. All told, it’s another good time to be shopping.


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