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Jamis Bikes releases new 3VO suspension platform


Both the Portal and the Hardline will come with FOX Float X2 shocks.

The Sea Otter Classic is a time for the cycling industry to show off it latest designs and Jamis Bikes can’t wait to show the world what it’s been working on the past two years.

At Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA Jamis Bikes will unveil their latest suspension design and bikes utilizing the technology. The new bikes were developed by Jamis’ in-house design team over the past two years utilizing the licensed 3VO suspension platform. 3VO was engineered and patented by industry veteran Chris Currie of Speedgoat Designs.

3VO Linkage

A more in-depth look at the Instant center progression of the 3VO design.

The 3VO or “Three Variable Optimized” suspension platform promises zero compromise suspension and pedaling performance in all riding conditions. Sal Crochiola, Jamis’ mountain bike product manager explains, “It only took one ride on Chris’s prototype to know this was something special and would be the future platform for Jamis suspension bikes. Incredible small bump sensitivity but also big hit plushness while maintaining super efficient pedaling was immediately noticeable.”

3VO Path

The Shock Rate for the Jamis Bikes Portal and Hardline from raising to falling.

Why the move to 3VO?
  • The unique instant center, center of curvature and axle path is said to eliminate unwanted motion when pedaling, regardless of position within travel or gear combination.
  • Lower, rearward moving instant center allows for high anti-squat with less chain growth to eliminate pedal kickback
  • Tuned multi-phase leverage ratio with initial rising rate for added pedaling stability
  • Consistent, balanced anti-squat and anti-dive cancels pedaling and braking forces
Jamis Portal

3VO up close and personal on the new Jamis Bikes Portal.

Is 3VO as responsive as previous designs?
  • Multi-phase leverage ratio combines both rising and falling rate for quicker impact response
  • Axle path and leverage ratio tuned to work together to keep the system active even when pedaling
  • Short distance from suspension instant center to rear axle for instant response
  • Virtual pivot location stays aligned with driveline, allowing suspension to remain active at every stage of travel
  • Initial rearward axle path allows the bike to be supple on small bumps and square edge hits

Jamis Bikes’ first offerings based around the 3VO platform will be the 130mm 29”/27.5+ Portal and the 160mm travel 27.5”/26+ Hardline.

Jamis Portal

Jamis Portal alloy is ready for the trails ahead and spec’d for the long run.

Jamis Portal – 29″ / 27.5+
  • 130mm rear wheel travel
  • HiLo bottom bracket adjust
  • Enduro Max sealed bearing pivots
  • 12x148mm rear hub spacing
  • Custom Jamis upper chainguide mount
  • ISCG05 lower 2-bolt chainguide mount
Jamis Hardline

The Jamis Bikes Hardline is out of the box ready to rock with Vittoria Martello 27.5 and dropper post.

Jamis Hardline – 27.5″ / 27.5+ / 26+
  • 160mm rear wheel travel
  • Enduro Max sealed bearing pivots
  • 12x148mm rear hub spacing
  • Custom Jamis upper chainguide mount
  • SCG05 lower 2-bolt chainguide mount
Jamis Hardline

Jamis Bikes new Hardline 2019 3VO.

Aluminum models are due to arrive in late summer, carbon fiber versions are following early in 2019.

For more information on the Jamis Bikes Portal, Hardline and the 3VO suspension system please visit www.jamis3vo.com.

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