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How to find new trails to ride

MTB Project

MTB Project is a great resource for finding riding routes that fit your style and skill level.

No matter how long you’ve been riding at some point you will (or at least should) go in search of new trails. Some areas are easy to explore on your own, but others are downright confusing and even dangerous.

YouTuber BKXC is well known for globetrotting to ride the best trails on earth. In this video he describes his routine for finding new trails and mapping out rides. Stop wasting time riding trails you heard are cool but aren’t, or worse yet, getting lost trying to find the cool trails. Make the best use of your time on the bike by using the vast array of resources at your disposal and make some new friends along the way.


How to Find Trails
  1. Get involved with your local bike club and do volunteer trail work
  2. Look for informal online mountain bike groups
  3. Make friends with the people at the local bike shop
  4. Explore online resources such as and
  5. Hire a guide

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MTB Project Trail

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