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How to: Do dirt jump tricks on the trail

Tricks on the Trail

Learn on dirt jumps then bring it to the trail.

You ready to add some style to your next ride? There are two ways to go about it. Buy some super blingy bike parts and color coordinated decals, or learn how to incorporate steezy tricks from dirt jump/slopestyle/BMX into your trail riding. The former will get you some likes on Instagram, but the later will make you a trail hero.

From the Dirt Jump

Classics like one-footers, toboggans, and X-ups never go out of style.

Follow along with Blake Samson as he shows you how, and more importantly where, you can add slopestyle panache to your next ride on home trails.

To the Trail

Or maybe you fancy the occasional Euro table-top.


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Tricks on the Trail From the Dirt Jump To the Trail

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