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Grizzly bear chases cyclist down highway

Biker and Bear

Check out these startling images of a grizzly bear chasing a touring cyclist. Photo courtesy of Cassie Beyer

On a recent vacation in Canada, a family was driving along when they witnessed a grizzly bear chasing a cyclist down the highway. Cassie Beyer was in the passenger seat and was able to snag some incredible photos of the incident.

According to this interview, the cyclist was unaware that he was being chased by a bear. A driver going in the same direction saw the bear jump the K-bar and begin charging. He began laying on the horn, but the bear seemed undeterred. He then pulled up to the cyclist and alerted him to the bears presence. Maybe helmet mirrors are a good idea after all.

Bear and Truck

Our friendly pal Yogi sizing up some trucks. Photo courtesy of Cassie Beyer

Realizing that the cyclist was not going to outrun the the bear, the driver maneuvered his truck in between the two. A second driver who had observed the scene followed suit.

According to a report on, the grizzly in question is a tagged female. This year, she has already wandered onto a high school rugby field during practice, charged a person with a dog and stroller, and followed some hikers. Authorities have responded by removing her food supply from urban areas, which has pushed the bear into wildlife corridors.

Bear and Truck Bear Biker and Bear

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