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First Look: SRAM GX Drivetrain

SRAM brings affordable 1x11 with 2x11 and 2x10 options. Photo courtesy of SRAM

SRAM brings affordable 1×11 with 2×11 and 2×10 options (click to enlarge). Photo courtesy of SRAM

SRAM 1×11 is one of the best innovations to come to mountain biking in the last decade. It has simplified riding as its expanded rear cassette range has allowed riders to just stay in one ring in the front.

It has changed the way we ride by allowing the mind to focus the right hand on shifting. It has also freed up some real estate on the lower left side of the handlebar for the now all-important dropper post lever. And it has simplified chain management and retention with the use of X-SYNC Narrow-Wide chainring technology that seems to magically mate the chain and chainring together.

But there’s been two knocks on this line-up from SRAM: “The gearing is not low enough. And it’s too expensive.” These are the complaints most often heard about the three models available, the XX1, XO1 and X1.

This  chart compares the weights and price of the the 1x11 components.

This chart compares the weights and price of the the 1×11 components that existed before the GX group.

SRAM GX is here to tackle both these issues head-on. SRAM GX is now available as 1×11, 2×11 or 2×10 for a massive range of gearing. And it is available at a price of $564 for the 1×11 configuration. That is 47% cheaper the the SRAM X1‘s price of $1066

SRAM GX 1×11

1×11 is the crown-prince of this GX line-up as it is the configuration that everybody lusts for. In fact, some bikes now like the Santa Cruz Nomad and Specialized Enduro 29 don’t even accept a front derailleur. The highlight of this 1x offering is the SRAM GX cassette shown below. In previous versions, the least expensive SRAM option was the X1 cassette at $313. Now, this new GX cassette costs $144 only and we expect shifting performance to match that of its predecessors. It weighs 394 grams which is 79 grams more than the X1. It is an absolutely fair trade as this is a wear item that has to be replaced periodically.

This chart shows what drivetrain people are currently using on their primary bike.

This chart shows what drivetrain people are currently using on their primary bike. 1×10 Narrow/Wide conversion drivetrains still dominate due to the high cost of pure 1×11 Narrow/Wide solutions.

And of course this is cross-compatible with the XX, XO1 and X1 groups so one could even use the $144 GX cassette to replace the $432 XX1 cassette if weight is not too much of a concern.

SRAM MTB GX Cassette XG1150

XG-1150 Full Pin Cassette
  • 10-42T range
  • XD driver body compatible
  • Technologies: Full Pin, XD driver body, JET
  • Weight: 394g
  • Price: $144

SRAM MTB GX Crank 1400 1x11sp 32t Black

SRAM GX 1x Crankset
  • Open Core Technology AL (GX-1400 Crankset)
  • 6000 series AL (GX-1000 Crankset)
  • CNC machined 7075, two-tone anodized X-Sync chainring (30-32-34-36-38)
  • Bottom bracket configurations: PressFit 30, BB30, GXP, and PressFit GXP
  • Chainring guard option
  • Crank lengths: 175, 170
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • 24 and 30mm options
  • Boost™ 148 compatible
  • Technologies: X-SYNC™
  • Weight: 680g (GX-1400, GXP, 175mm, 32t); 720g (GX-1000, GXP, 175mm, 32t)
  • Price: $120 for the GX-1000

SRAM MTB GX RD 11sp Black

GX 1×11 X-Horizon Rear Derailleur
  • X-Horizon design reduces shift force, ghost shifting and chain slap
  • 12-tooth X-Sync pulley wheels
  • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Aluminum cage
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Technologies: X-Horizon, X-Actuation, X-Sync, Roller Bearing Clutch, Cage Lock
  • Weight: 265g
  • Price: $115

SRAM MTB GX Shifter 11sp Black

GX 11-Speed Trigger Shifter
  • SRAM 1x X-Actuation for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Multi-position mounting
  • MatchMaker™ compatible
  • Aluminum pull lever
  • Discrete clamp
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Technologies: X-Actuation, MatchMaker Integrated
  • Weight: 122g
  • Price: $43

SRAM MTB GX Grip Shift 11sp Black

GX 11-Speed Grip Shift
  • SRAM 1x X-Actuation for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Full metal, 11-speed indexing keeps shifting crisp and precise with Grip Shift
  • Three rows of ball bearings provide zero friction or play-reducing the force needed to shift and promoting long-term performance under all weather conditions with Grip Shift
  • Once the Grip Shift shifter and grip interlock securely, forged aluminum clamps on either end reinforce the assembly by locking tightly to handlebar
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Technologies: X-Actuation, Speed Metal, Rolling Thunder, Jaws
  • Weight: 144g
  • Price: $52
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