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Find out why Vittoria supports women athletes

Vittoria Supports Women

Pro DH racer Samantha Kingshill (center) is one of many women racers under the broad Vittoria support tent.

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Many brands sponsor women athletes but few take it to the level of Vittoria. The famed Italian tire maker invests a disproportionate amount of time and money on their women’s programs. Press play to hear from some of these amazing athletes.


To find out why they do it and how it’s working out, we asked Vittoria’s U.S.-based VP of Marketing and Product Ken Avery what their women’s teams mean to the brand and why they invest so much in these athletes?

“First off, Vittoria makes top quality products for every rider,” explained Avery. “And part of making products that work at this level is gathering feedback from a wide range of pro riders to get the best cross section of data. At Vittoria, we have a nice mix of athletes, many of whom are women. In fact, I would argue that, in general, female athletes take product development more seriously and approach it with a more open mind than many of the guys.”

Vittoria Supports Women

Enduro racer Sarah Rawley is part of the Vittoria tribe.

Indeed, Avery says that when he was questioned by outsiders about incorporating Vittoria’s pro women into product testing, he was stunned. “Why should it be any different,” he asked. “Doesn’t everyone do this? Turns out they don’t. At that point, we realized that we needed to tell this story and expand our support. So for 2017, we have expanded our commitment by adding more female athletes, more clinics, and more media coverage, all of which compliments the coverage the guys get.”

For more info, head over to www.vittoria.com.

Vittoria Supports Women Vittoria Supports Women Vittoria Supports Women Vittoria Supports Women

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