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Feature: Jenson USA to donate 50 bikes to World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief

One our best partners, Jenson USA is donating 50 bikes to match the first 50 bike purchases on Cyber Monday. On the biggest online shopping day of the year, they are trying this huge investment to tie in what they do best with this good cause that they believe in

The funds to purchase the matching donation bikes are coming from individual employees, the owner Mike Cachat and the company itself. It’s a great cause from a cool company and Mtbr is proud to spread the good word about it.


Official News Release

For most of the United States, the bicycle is synonymous with freedom and a great weekend ride. For others in rural Africa, the bicycle is so much more – it’s opportunity. It is the chance to get to work, to build a business, to give and get health care, and to receive an education. It is the power to take control of their own lives.

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is the world’s leading bicycle-centered nonprofit. In the past decade, WBR has delivered over 200,000 bicycles to individuals in some of the most impoverished places on Earth. The opportunity it has enabled is undeniable, as a cursory visit to their site at shows. Affordable and relatively rapid transportation with a sustainable maintenance infrastructure, implemented by WBR, has affected countless lives in extremely positive ways. “There is very limited transportation other than walking…bicycles enable people to access education, health care and economic opportunities otherwise not possible. The ability to cover greater distances in less time and carry increased capacity is invaluable”, said Claire Geiger, Grassroots Development Manager for WBR. “World Bicycle Relief also strongly believes in the philosophy of a hand-up, not a hand-out,” continued Geiger. “People earn ownership of these bicycles by going to school, studying, working at a job and contributing to the community. Bicycles are considered a highly valued commodity in Africa and the fact that people earn a bicycle reinforces that perception.”


“As a company, World Bicycle Relief is an organization we’ve been cognizant of for some time, and we’re honored to have the chance to work with them,” commented Mike Cachat, Jenson USA CEO. “We’re inspired by WBR’s efforts to provide livelihood to people through the power of a simple bicycle. To say we’re passionate about what they’re doing and excited to partner with them this December in a one-for-one bicycle donation effort is an understatement.”

How it Works

On Cyber Monday (December 1st), Jenson USA and their employees “One-for-One” donating a Buffalo bicycle to WBR for bicycles sold on their website or in their retail stores in that 24-hour window. Additionally, WBR already has a donor that will match all contributions made in December.
They also encourage donating directly to World Bicycle Relief at their website:

Jenson USA is humbled to have the opportunity to partner with World Bicycle Relief during this holiday season, and is actively encouraging their partners and peers within the cycling community to support WBR and the One-for-One effort on Cyber Monday to help make as many lives as possible better by utilizing the power of the bicycle.

For all cycling needs, visit or call 888-880-3811.

*Both Jenson USA and employees of the company are contributing to make this One-for-One campaign a reality. Together, the company will be matching the first 50 bikes purchased from Jenson USA on Cyber Monday with a contribution of a bicycle to WBR.

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